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Chris ♥ Mitt Tweet of Day

Chris ♥ Mitt Tweet of Day

From Elizabeth Crum:


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Sounds like an “Obama Kiss of Death” endorsement to me.

Christie to Romney: Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.

Mutual admiration society. I’m sure no one will criticize Christie for endorsing Romney – returning a favor for Romney’s support when Christie was running for office, yet many howled and bashed Palin for endorsing McCain and returning a favor to a former running mate. It seems that the “favorite” of the establishment can do no ill.

OT: is it me or has the news been flat since Palin said she wouldn’t be running?

Christie just wrote off the White House. Romney is the MSM favorite right now. They’re defending him against unfair attacks on his Mormonism now, but they will play that trump card relentlessly if he gets the nomination. Just like with McCain. The MSM loved him until he got the nomination. Prediction: Cain stomps the competition tonight. He has the simplest, clearest economic plan. Others can’t compete with his message, regardless of the relative merits of all. He is a communicator, the others come across as slimy sales clerks.

theduchessofkitty | October 11, 2011 at 6:16 pm

Do y’all get the impression that the establishment GOP want, and I mean really, REALLY want to make Romney the nominee?

With Romneycare-albatross over his neck and all!

nah – The establishment GOP just wants to make sure the stupid TP people learn whose party it is. Nothing is worse than a bunch of common people thinking they know better than the insiders do. /s

I’m not entirely convinced Palin is out.

Rose, I hope you are right. There’s a draft Palin movement starting. Sorry men, I just don’t think that the other candidates are cutting it. Lackluster, except for Cain, but I still have my reservations about him.

Cowboy, really? I don’t think that even you believe that.

If Palin wants to make herself relevant, she needs to get involved right now and endorse Cain. We don’t need yet another pundit making inspiring “vision” speeches while peddling books and commenting on the sidelines. We have more than enough sideliners. We need players.

We need her fighting in the trenches right now. She needs to endorse Cain right now. Rignt. Now. If she really is principles over party, she needs to prove it. I’m afraid she is a phony who will endorse whoever wins the nomination “for the good of the party” and to appease her establishment GOP buddies (like McCain). We need her RIGHT NOW!

    huskers-for-palin in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 11, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    YOU INGRATE !!!!

    Oh gawd….give it a rest. Folks who didn’t care for her now want her help??? What then? Cast her off like a crushed can of pop once you’re done with her? You’re in NO position to either demand or give her any guilt trips. On the contray, the only ones who should feel guilty are the ones who didn’t say “Thank You” for all hard work she has done or left her out in the cold after the bogus ethics complains / blood libel.

    NOW NOW NOW you say??? You have an odd sense of flattery. She’s paid her dues, got people elected in 2010, been insulted, hacked, and called every name in the book. How about “please” and a little humility? What’s in it for her other than your promises not to berate her?

    Oh, she’ll get involved in 2012, but on her terms. She will be endorsing / stumping / fundraising for candidates while her O4P / C4P networks will be supporting her orders.

    If it’s a NOW NOW NOW attitude you only offer, you’re gonna be waiting a long time next to that phone.

      Ingrate? What has she done? She didn’t last two years as governor of AK. She endorsed the embodiment of what is wrong with the GOP, Juan McCain, as her first political act (against a “flawed” Tea Party alternative). She endorsed liberal Democrat Carly Fiorina in CA over a genuine top notch Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore who was leading in the polls at the time. She endorsed Kelly Ayotte over Tea Party favorite Ovid LaMontagne in NH. She launched a bus tour that ended as soon as she left the bus station with great fanfare.

      If you really believe we need another pundit on the sidelines peddling books and offering commentary, a pundit who has yet to accomplish anything significant other than to be plucked out of obscurity to be VP nominee on a losing ticket, you are just a star-struck fan, part of her personality cult. We need candidates and people who will fight in the trenches. Her record doing that has been very, very spotty. She is more about gender politics, “mama grizzly” than about conservatism as her penchant to endorse any woman candidate over the male Tea Party conservative.

      She has the opportunity to propel Cain into a decisive lead RIGHT NOW. So is she about principles over party or what? She needs to prove it. She hasn’t accomplished anything yet but is well on her way to being very wealthy. This is her big chance. She probably won’t get another.

        BTW, Christie endorsed Romney today a week after he declared once and for all that he is not running. It is now her turn to endorse while it can make a difference. That is what politicians are expected to do. Or is that too “shackley”?

        BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 12, 2011 at 12:10 am

        Some of her 2010 selects were female some male. Some were primary endorsements & some were post primary.

        Presently she does have some Republican support eg Gov Jan Brewer. Interestingly no one came to Brewers defence either .

        I don’t know about te Pres candidates – doubt she will endorse.

        However a Senate candidate could be very much helped by her O4P group in 35 states if she asks them.

        Without the Senate a Republican President is a eunuch.

I think Christie missed his moment. There are up and coming Republican governors like Kasich and Walker in the Midwest, Halley and Jindal in the South. Then there is Pence, who hasn’t been in the news much, but is running for gov, and if he wins will gain executive experience. Lots of up and coming talent in the Republican party, lots of offices to fill.

Endorsements really don’t mean much, unless maybe it is Jesus bragging Mitt up. Mitt’s been running since 2007, and most of us paying attention have formed an opinion of Mitt years ago, that’s why his polls are fairly steady and for the time and money he’s spent pretty weak.

so let me get this straight….an east coast RINO has stood up to say that another east coast RINO is super swell and so we should all ignore those pesky Tea Partiers in the hinterlands hollering for a smaller government.

Color me skeptical but I don’t see any reason to support either man’s policies, let alone their politics of compromise, on health care, federal spending, and Constitutional government. Democrats don’t do compromise; the GOP needs to take the same tack.