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Time for an invervention, Obama’s on a tax hike bender

Time for an invervention, Obama’s on a tax hike bender

Five days ago Obama unveiled a “jobs plan” which included tax hikes of $467 billion, $400 billion of which were on individuals making $200,000 (and couples making $250,000).

Tomorrow Obama will unveil a “deficit reduction plan” which will include $1.5 trillion in new taxes including an extra tax on people making $1 million or more.

In 6 days, Obama will have proposed over $2 trillion (that trillion with a “t”) in new taxes, above and beyond what we already pay.

The big spender is on a tax hike bender.

We need an intervention of historic proportions.

It’s no longer Republicans versus Democrats, or Progressives versus Tea Partiers.

It’s enablers versus interventionists.


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Obama is intent on destroying the economy. Even he cannot be stupid enough to believe 2 trillion in taxes do anything but tank the economy even more quickly. The economic destruction wrought by Obama is not by accident…

If you look at the O’s jobs plan it is a large income distribution. A major portion of the plan is to reduce payroll taxes. He wants to pay for it by reducing deductions for those that he has determined have unfairly benefited. Taking from one tax payer not to build a bridge or pay for police but just to give it to someone else.

Obama has no plan .. he has lost his mind.
Now he is striking out like a small child or cornered animal.

My son helped me learn the difference between enabling and nurturing. When we nurture somebody, they grow and develop. When we enable them they become retarded. So, to prevent retardation in my adult son I stopped helping him with his rent. Clearly, we have enabled too many people. Yes, 0bama needs an intervention.

p.s. Spelling the President’s last name with the numeral “0” makes it look sort of like it does when spelled with the upper-case letter “O”. Cool. Or C00L.

Don’t forget, if he is re-elected, we automatically get $3.5 trillion in new taxes.

There easy solution to a millionaires tax is to raise the minimum wage to $2000.00/hour, then everybody will be a millionaire.

Oh goody. Flunked economics and business, did you Barack??

Oh, this isn’t good. Overseas markets are tanking.
Barack Obama, super genius.

i don;t have anywhere near enough ammo on hand for this kind of news….

i was hoping he would wait a little longer to go full retard, but i guess i’ll have to change my plans.

maybe that was what he meant with that campaign slogan?

“President Obama on Monday will unveil his vision for deficit reduction and tax reform in the Rose Garden, threatening to veto any bills that don’t raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.”

So the President is threatening to shut down the government.

That Obama has no idea what he is doing has now been eclipsed by the more significant fact that there is absolutely no support in the legislative branch for what he wants to do – not even the Democrats in the Senate support him anymore.

Do not be surprised if Obama gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar with respect to the various iterations of the Solyndra deal he pushed. If even one credible person implicates him and provides evidence of a pay to play deal – Obama will be in grave danger of impeachment because now even the Democrats are looking for an end game strategy for the Obama Presidency. If there is credible evidence that Obama got payola in exchange for doing really bad deals – even the Democrats will throw him under the bus in order to get past the untenable situation we all (and the economy) face with him in the White House.

We’re all just waiting now.

    The senate dems won’t support him because so many of them are up for re-election in 2012.

    DINORightMarie in reply to Ipso Facto. | September 19, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Do you really think that the Reid-Democrat-led Senate will impeach Obama?

    I wish I could believe that possible, but I don’t see that happening among the comrades…… They may not support him – as the October-scheduled Senate vote for “pass this bill now!” indicates – but they would not go so far as to allow impeachment proceedings, IMHO.

    However, I do see the Senate doing some clandestine CYA so they can attempt to hold the Senate. Unfortunately for them, too many “ordinary” Americans are paying attention to the nightmare of DC today.

    I wish you were right. I do. But I just don’t see them having the courage to impeach this “most historic president evah!”

      A Senate trial on theft or fraud will be a whole hell of a lot harder to sluff off (as opposed to a sex charge, which Michelle would handle herself), but if Clinton proved anything, .. it’s that the Senate really doesn’t take ethics all that seriously on the Democratic side of the aisle.

        Ipso Facto in reply to Neo. | September 19, 2011 at 1:19 pm

        There is no person with greater clarity of mind than a politician who wants to get re-elected. The vultures are clearly circling over Obama right now. Do you think the rest of the Democrats want to ride over the cliff and into oblivion with him? I don’t think so. You watch, there could very easily be a critical mass of Democratic senators who will have a meeting and they will look at each other and say we have two choices, a) we go down in flames with Obama, or b) we find some way to extricate ourselves from the current mess.

        I think they are all trying to find a way to get to choice b. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some Democratic operative spills the beans on Obama’s crooked dealings with the green loans. Then they can then have a meeting with Obama and say, look we have hard evidence you acted improperly, either you resign or you get impeached. And, if you choose impeachment, here are the votes we have to take you down.

        Throughout the ordeal the Democrats will spin it as though they purged their ranks of corruption, yada, yada, yada.

        I realize its a long shot, however, no one can deny that the present situation is untenable. Something has to change and the Democrats best chance to minimize the tsunami that is coming their way is to have the 2012 elections to NOT be about Obama.

Depending on the source, Obama is also proposing another $250-$380 billion in Medicare cuts. He might as well write off a majority of the senior votes.
Oh, and this is not pandering at all, but, Obama has been declared the “First Jewish President”. No, I am not kidding.

So Milwaukee. Is that like Zero-bama? Or for our Canadian friends Nil-bama?

BannedbytheGuardian | September 19, 2011 at 2:40 am

What else would a man who puts his shod feet up on the Resolute Desk do but launch class warfare. ?

On a happier note -more Judith D yay!

‘Someday One Day’ was written for the Seekers by Paul Simon.

‘Massachusetts’ was written for them by the Bee Gees -but they had just disbanded.

Orly Taitz has been trying to intervene for quite awhile now:

Update on Hawaii Cases and Her Upcoming Visit to Washington, DC

“Depending on the source, Obama is also proposing another $250-$380 billion in Medicare cuts.”

What are the sources you are hearing from? Or did you read this? Is this part of the “Pass this Now!” Bill, or hidden somewhere else to pay for ObamaCare, perhaps?

Just wondering. This is what they are accusing the Republicans of (e.g. “Ryan throwing granny off a cliff” commercial), so knowing more about your “sources” would be great!

This comment tool is being weird today…… That last post was meant to be a reply to @sybilll

[…] to “spread the wealth”. So how’s the political debate going to be framed over the next couple of weeks to months: Five days ago Obama unveiled a “jobs plan” which included tax hikes of $467 […]

This Presidency is looking like the government in Berlin in early 1945. The people have failed the great genius so the government is prolonging the destruction and bloodshed. The people have failed the leader! They do not deserve to live.

We need an intervention of historic proportions.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity for one in less than fourteen months. Equally fortunately, the empty suit’s proposals are very unlikely to make it through Congress, or even be pushed seriously by the Democrats, because nobody who will be up for re-election next year wants to have voted for tax increases.

“Broad tax breaks granted to millions of families at all income levels dwarf the corporate giveaways. Over the past two years, largely because of these popular benefits in the federal income tax code, the government has reached a rare milestone in tax collection — it has given away nearly as much as it takes in.”

The article claims that corporate giveaways and tax breaks are less in terms of total dollars than the tax breaks given to the middle class. I haven’t given thought to how to verify or analyze this claim.

I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with raising taxes on working stiffs dealing with high unexpected medical bills, or putting multiple children through college, and similar, by taking away current deductions or credits for these necessary items.

One thing we who are not politicians and don’t always need to simplify the issues into sound bites can do, I think, in countering the class warfare and the “raise taxes” program of the current administration, is to adopt the more educated, moderated, and nuanced stance when we write articles and in blogs.

Given that taxes are a given, there probably are deductions and credits (and “loopholes” and “programs”) that are not serving a valid or fair purpose, and can be eliminated. I fear that when larger corporations and big campaign contributors analyze and lobby, ending up with “compromises”, if we don’t address these issues thoughtfully, it will be the smaller businessman and the ordinary Joe getting a decent paycheck but with high family responsibilities, or trying to build up his business, whose interests end up being compromised.

At his current logarithmic rate of tax increase requesting, by the end of his term Obama will be requesting more money from the wealthy than exists in the entire universe. And there will still be Democrats declaring it is not enough. Perhaps if we paid them in Quatloos?

[…] the same as some one who makes 100′s of millions? That is what Obama calls shared sacrifice. Legal Insurrection is correct, it is time for an intervention for Obama … America cannot take any more from this […]

Obama’s inner circle has no real world experience at all. They are all life-long government officials and/or academics, all from a far left background and mindset.

Tax-and-spend is their only trick. They know nothing else, and cannot conceive of there being another approach. You tax, you spend, you regulate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Of course, this is mainly red meat for his parasitic far left base, as even the Democratic Senate won’t get near such a toxic proposal.

David R. Graham | September 19, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Lenin’s famous: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” “Bourgeoisie” of course means, in today’s language, middle class, and in Russia’s then, Kulaks.

Arguably an insane pursuit. But ideologically, most applaudably a puritan one.

Is any of it meant? Ideologically, of course it is: all income belongs to the state’s bureaucrats, who can parcel it out for best effect, which they define. But politically, of course it is not: Democrats oppose it and with mounting stridency want the upcoming national election liberated from President Millstone. However, calculating personal electoral purposes, the proposals make sense and are meant: they set up Republicans as racists. At least that appears to be the calculation.

IMHO, the calculations are backwards. Impeachment is not unthinkable. Americans are allergic to being ram-shagged into a Zimbabwean Utopia. The paucity of rioters and the channeling of them by law enforcement at Wall Street at the weekend and today seems to me to confirm that. I think the thing to watch is the push to get this miscreant off the campaign trail and into obscurity.

We have no reporters with stones in this country. Not one.

Not only will they not ask Obama a real question, they throw softballs at his minions.

Just once I’d like to see a reporter ask Obama how many jobs will be prevented or destroyed as a direct result of the 2 Trillion Dollar tax hike he just proposed.

If we use the Stimulus formula of 1 job created/saved for every $72,000 they flushed down the toilet (a ratio O’s own economic advisors came up with), $2 Trillion in Tax Hikes should Prevent or Destroy 27,777,777 jobs. This is on top of the $1 Trillion in tax hikes that Obamacare represents.

Don’t forget that the ‘supercommittee’ is charged with 1.5 Trillion in ‘deficit reduction’. While the R’s read that as ‘spending cuts’ there isn’t a D on the Committee that’s willing to cut a dime of anything other than defense. To them, ‘deficit reduction’ and ‘revenue increase’ are synonymous.