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They still don’t respect you

They still don’t respect you

I guess the driver of this vehicle didn’t hear what John Conyers had to say about West Virginia.

Thanks to reader Marisa for this photo taken just outside Raleigh, NC:


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Ah….the ever popular,”Corporations Are Not People”. I think that half-marathon stuff has some negative brain effects. Frankly, I didn’t know Democrats were willing to work hard enough to run a half-marathon. I’ve seen the “Obama 2012” here in Wisconsin (usually next to the “Wisconsin Fist”). I just saw my first “Progressives United” (Russ Feingold’s org) bumper sticker yesterday. I can’t express my disdain for these imbeciles.

13.1. Unemployment number? Obama’s approval rating? Vacation days taken in August? The car owner’s IQ? Just asking.

DINORightMarie | September 3, 2011 at 8:57 am

I would bet this person commutes to DC or some government job. Many, many people in WV either commute to DC or some contractor/Beltway bandit company, because they don’t have the high-end jobs in their state. They buy property or homes in WV because the cost of real estate is lower there; and, with many interstate highways, they have a long but straight commute into the bowels of DC.

Ironic that the vehicle s/he drives is an “Escape.” S/He won’t be able to escape the results of his/her foolish actions; useful idiots are typically the first to go, under tyrannical socialist rule.

Better kick it up to a full marathon – you will need to run far and fast, and hide well up in those mountains, when they come to get you, you poor, duped WV lemming.


1. Apply Brakes in imminent danger.

2. Pick ‘R’ to reverse from driving into the canyon.

3. Stay on the Right to avoid a head-on collision with oncoming traffic

Anybody who choose Apple can’t be all bad. Mostly bad, but not all bad.