John Conyers (D-Mich), via The Hill, talking about West Virginia:

“There’s a big campaign going on about how you clean coal, and we want to examine that as critically and fairly as we can, but here’s the problem: I’ve been to West Virginia, and that’s about all they’ve got there…”

Joe Manchin’s response is at the link, here’s part of it:

At this time of massive federal deficits, I also invite you to learn more about West Virginia’s strong finances. Our great state is one of the few states in this country that is financially solvent. During the recession, West Virginia had a surplus every year, cut tax rates and raised its credit rating — for three straight years. We believe that the federal government could learn a lot from West Virginia’s commonsense approach.

Face it Joe, your party looks down at you.  It’s almost as if you were a Tea Party member.  Or at least clinging bitterly to guns and religion, which after all, is all you’ve got down there other than coal, right?