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The Obama Administration’s Crony Capitalism Problem

The Obama Administration’s Crony Capitalism Problem

As the Solyndra executives refuse to answer Congressional investigator’s questions, more accusations of crony capitalism in the Obama Administration are coming out.

Just last week, the Daily Beast reported that Gen. William Shelton, who oversees the Air Force Space Command, was pressured by the White House to change his testimony in order to favor the business interests of Democratic donors. Since then, more evidence has come out that the White House tried to get witnesses to alter their testimony in order to favor these donors, most notably Phil Falcone and his wife Lisa, investors known as “Manhattan’s most controversial couple” for their risky business decisions and reality show-esque demeanor.

Falcone has essentially made a do-or-die bet on Lightsquared, a start-up telecom that hopes to create a national 4G wireless network. But their plan has hit a snag, as their wireless broadband technology has significant GPS interference issues that NOAA says could disrupt storm tracking, that sailors say could get them lost at sea, and that military officials say could jeopardize national defense. And early tests of the technology didn’t look good for LightSquared.

Perhaps most disturbing, the emails between Lightsquared executives and Obama Administration officials are a little more than chummy. It makes sense, then, that the company would try to get its friends in the White House to speed up the testing process. In fact, as the Daily Beast reported, that’s exactly what the White House did—the officials interviewed stated that the Office of Management and Budget made revisions to their testimonies that they rejected asserting that Lightsquared was safe technology and that the testing process could be completed in ninety days.

Between Solyndra and now Lightsquared, it seems that a pattern is emerging in the Obama White House. In the 2000s, the left made a lot of political hay for Republicans over unsubstantiated allegations of a close relationship between Halliburton and the Bush White House. If we don’t make these much more serious cases a problem for President Obama’s reelection campaign, it’ll be a big mistake.


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This LightSquared “thing” also includes chummy interaction with the FCC, where they got public spectrum on the cheap, while potential rivals AT&T and Verizon are paying top dollar in the spectrum auctions.

This one needs to have an independent investigation ASAP. Before the records can be taken and massaged (i.e. changed or deleted).

This needs to be blasted by as many outlets as possible – to where it will become REPORTED NEWS on the CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS etc. MSM channels.

Make it so big that they HAVE to report it.

I know. I know. I’m not holding my breath. But the records are there…….get them ASAP!

“it seems that a pattern is emerging”


I hear that pattern was perfected in Chicago.

What crony capitalism problem? They appear to have it down pat.

Guys, please. There is NO SUCH THING as “crony capitalism”. That is a weasel word (phrase) for what is properly known as corruption. Call it what it is. Words have meaning, political correct speech’s intent is to diffuse that meaning.