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Wisconsinites who enjoy Kellygold Irish butter have been forced to venture across state lines to buy the gold foil packaged dairy goodness. Butter protectionism in the Dairy State has made this foreign butter illegal. An obscure regulation turns "ungraded butter" into contraband. Since Kerrygold isn't produced in the good ole U.S. of A., it's not graded and hence, illegal. Selling illicit butter bears a fine up to $1,000 and a possible six-month stint in the slammer.

President-elect Trump's deal with Carrier to keep a thousand jobs in America is drawing fire from an unexpected source.  Former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is slamming the deal as an example of crony capitalism. Writing at Young Conservatives, Palin explains that the government picking winners and losers is always a bad idea, even when "our guy," the good guy does it.  She begins, though, with heartfelt good wishes for the Carrier employees who will be keeping their jobs and having a far better Christmas than they expected.

As the Solyndra executives refuse to answer Congressional investigator’s questions, more accusations of crony capitalism in the Obama Administration are coming out. Just last week, the Daily Beast reported that Gen. William Shelton, who oversees the Air Force Space Command, was pressured by the White House to...