I thought Romney did well last night, as did Perry (although expectations were higher for Perry).  Newt was the star.

But, Romney’s post-debate performance by his messaging team was horrid, playing the “kill social security card” on Perry.  We can quibble about whether the social security system has characteristics of a Ponzi scheme (aren’t all pay-as-you-go systems, in the sense of requiring future investors to pay prior investors, similar to a Ponzi scheme?).  I don’t like using the phrase because it detracts from the message.

But whatever you say, it’s not fair to play scare tactics similar to what the Democrats do on Medicare.  Perry isn’t going to kill social security under any interpretation of his remarks.  Yet after the debate Romney’s team immediately claimed otherwise, as pointed out by John McCormack of the Weekly Standard:

Here’s the linked quote in the Tweet:

“The Republican Party has to defend the position of the nominee,” said top  Romney adviser Stuart Stevens. “Every House candidate that runs, every Senate  candidate that runs, would have to run on the Perry plan to kill Social  Security.”

Challenging other candidates is both fine and good.  But don’t regurgitate meaningless Democratic talking points and smears.  Romney did fine during the debate, he should get control of his staff.


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