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Newt Gingrich thinks it is the late 90s

Newt Gingrich thinks it is the late 90s

and I wish he was right.

The fledgling candidate announced in Iowa that he is going to propose a newer Contract with America: 

It “will be 10 times deeper and more comprehensive than 1994,” he told an audience of about 40 people Monday night in Council Bluffs. “Because the truth is, while we changed the system some … we didn’t fundamentally change the underlying system.”

The new “21st Century Contract with America” will, he said.

Gingrich said his ideas, which he will unveil Sept. 29 in Des Moines, are “very big, and they’re exactly what Abraham Lincoln would have campaigned on.”

The concept of proposing ideas is a nice change of pace, and Newt is trying as hard as he can to show that he is the smartest candidate. However, I think this would have fit in much better without a a [nearly] twenty year gap between “contracts.” The last thing the GOP should do is try to run with the same proposals that situated an unpopular Democrat President to gain re-election.

I hope he sticks around for another few weeks: I actually enjoy Newt in debates [it’s all relative]. I think he’s pretty harmless as a primary player since anyone over the age of 20 knows that  he’s one of the biggest opportunists in modern politics.


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Newt is extremely intelligent and I can barely wait until he unveils his new contract. He really does have some great ideas. Maybe one of our more viable candidates can steal them.

Make that a [nearly] TWENTY year gap.

Kathleen McCaffrey | September 20, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Tom, Good catch! Thanks.

“I’ve got a really great plan that will SOLVE EVERYTHING. Just give me a coupla weeks, and I’ll release it: but in the meantime, just give me blind support, okey dokey?”

Q: Obama, or Gingrich?
A: All of the above.

The dog barks, but the parade moves on. Time to quit barking, Newt.

If only Romney had run and been reelected MA governor in 2006.

If only Gingrich weren’t an opportunistic jerk.

If only Palin were a sitting, emphatically reelected governor.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, oh what a party we’d have.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to gs. | September 20, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Gs – one of the problems in modern politics is the permanent political class. Perry did not want to be Gov of Texas yet by your criteria he forced himself to go through the farce so that he could go for the big one.

    I am thinking in an Executive Presidency a candidate ought be out of public office & in the real world smelling the roses & the manure.

    I consider it a massive insult to taxpayers for sitting officials to be campaigning for better jobs yet not be willing to give up their $$$ . If a Gov can do both -as Perry -then obviously being Gov of Texas does not require much. Also the Texan Taxpayers are forced to pay his security on his campaign. Sounds treasonous to me. 🙂

Yup, Newt’s past his expiration date and, while it’s difficult to see him struggling in a contest he has little chance of winning, he still has a marvelous understanding of what America is all about. This morning he penned the following:

America has been defined by its value of freedom and its virtue of personal responsibility. It is set apart by respect for the rule of law over arbitrary dictates. It prospers by leaving to civil society what bureaucracies will never do well. These are what have made America exceptional, not government…. We cannot afford leaders who do not understand the real story of America – even less so ones who try to spin it.

~ Newt Gingrich, September 20, 2011

Newt is doing a real service just by showing up for the debates. Newt, Bachmann and Cain shed light on issues that the mainstream candidates don’t want to touch; and that Obama shuns like the plague.

I hope they all stick around.

To extend my remarks, I actually believe Newt would be a good President. He is smart, tough and articulate. I know it won’t happen, because in today’s media swamp, once you are branded, you are branded for life. No redemption, no second chances.