Obama is getting tough with Congress, implementing steps to have federal agencies take (supposedly) job creating actions without waiting for Congress to act, Obama Rolls Out a Jobs Plan That Doesn’t Need Congress:

On Wednesday, Obama took a now-familiar path in adopting a program–this time a jobs and infrastructure effort–that can happen entirely within his domain. Obama directed several federal agencies to identify “high-impact, job-creating infrastructure projects” that can be expedited now, without congressional approval.

One week before he will make a major address to Congress on jobs, Obama is making sure they know he plans to move forward without them. The president has also directed the Education Department to come up with a “Plan B” updating the 2001 No Child Left Behind law in the absence of congressional action. The message to Congress is clear: Do your work or we’ll do it for you.

What took you 2 1/2 years?

Admit it, jobs just wasn’t a priority.  Otherwise you would not have spend the entirety of your presidency trying to restructure society with grand plans such as Obamacare.

That Obama has just figured out that the bureaucracy is a major part of the problem and he controls the bureacracy, is astounding.


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