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Electoral electroshock

Electoral electroshock

The NY-09 and NYV-02 election results were like electroshock therapy for Democrats who worry about party before party leader, and fear a convulsion in 2012 more complete than in 2010.

Imagine the election returns coming in Tuesday night as senior Democrats watched in horror, and then imagine Jack Nicholson in the scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  You get the picture.

Via HotAir, comes this audio of John Fund suggesting we are approaching a moment when it is conceivable senior Democratic leaders approach Obama in private and suggest he not run for reelection.  The therapy, though undesired, may have worked such that Democrats are thinking clearly now.

Would they dare? And what would he do?

(By the way, was I the first to diagnose the dilemma,  or what?)


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It’s tough to imagine him agreeing, but it’s easy to see why people who need to start raising millions of dollars of campaign funding might take that approach. Even if the President is willing to risk defeat, the rest of his party can’t afford to. It’s also harder to raise money for a “down-ticket” candidate who looks likely to lose.

Shocka in NY yes however in Nev-2 the Republican weiner is a continuation of the same corrupt status quo. Nothing to celebrate in Nevada where the D is the same as the R as the same as the D as the R and merry they go around the corruption wheel.

    This line is so amazingly divorced from reality I’m wondering where you’ve been the last 3 years.

    Every single Democrat Senator, “conservative” / “moderate” / hard core left wing, voted for cloture on ObamaCare.

    Every single Republican Senator, from the wimpiest RINO to the most hard-core TEA Party fan, voted against cloture for ObamaCare.

    Every single one.

    Every single Republican in the House, bar none, voted against ObamaCare when it passed.

    Democrat House members who swore they wouldn’t support ObamaCare if it included funding for abortion, led by Bart Stupak, dropped that requirement when push came to shove.

    Yes, whether the candidate has a D or an R behind his or her name DOES matter. Claims that it doesn’t matter mark you as either delusional or dishonest.

Anyone looking at Obama objectively in 2008, free from the feel-goodism of those who wanted to make history and outside of the Left-wing echo chamber, could see that he was destined to be a disaster. The country was foolish enough to elect as president, during the worst recession in seventy years, a man who launched his political career in the living room of two Marxist terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, who had done nothing notable in his very brief career as a Senator, and who had no important accomplishments of any kind other than self-promotion. Yet much of the opinion elite was blind to what was obvious. I was telling my naive relatives in 2009 that they had succumbed to the Obama bubble and that they should wake up and see the disaster that was unfolding before them. Maybe the bubble is finally bursting for all but the die-hard Obama cultists.

He’s reminiscent of Carter in terms of politics as well as policy. Carter conceded the 1980 election before the polls were closed on the west coast, which enraged many Democrats who lost close congressional elections.

His party is clearly sweating 2012. Is he?

He is so arrogant and lacking in humility, that I could not imagine him conceding his power even if it meant taking down his entire party. He is entitled to the presidency, didn’t you know. Besides anyone who opposes him is a racist and if he was asked to step aside or gasp lost to another candidate that would be because of the racists and evil believers of capitalism and would justify riots and looting in the eyes of the radical left.

    ella8 in reply to ella8. | September 16, 2011 at 10:25 am

    I can already hear the lame stream journalists clacking away on their keyboards, “Obama unseated by racists, peaceful protests unfold”. The true story, “Obama defeated as American’s grow weary of failed policies, violent and destructive riots break out sparked by those who bitterly cling to his power”.

    I pray that I am wrong.

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | September 16, 2011 at 10:17 am

Obama cares about the “Obama Party”.

Trumka and CEO’s coming to his house to kiss up to him.
Lots of concerts and celebrities coming in for parties.
Nice luxurious vacations and golf outings.
Passing billions to his union pals
A bully pulpit to trash all those religious, racist, bitter clingers.
An adoring media, still mostly drooling over him.

Obama is giddy just getting there … and all he has to do is blame Bush and the racist right. He figures if you want to make a Marxist/fascist omelet, you have to break some free enterprise eggs. It might make him a one termer, but he doesn’t seem to like working full time anyway.

I’m probably dreaming, but a Democrat who ran against Obamacare would make trouble for Republicans.

There is no Democrat with the “gravitas” to convince Obama it is necessary for him to not run. The only one is dead, Ted Kennedy.

Obama is a Chicago pol. He’ll choose not to run for re-election if they make it worth his while. Unfortunately for them, money is probably not enough to do it. He would probably also require a really impressive title. Something like “President of Earth” – or at least of Harvard.

Please, I hope he runs. There are 50 Congressional districts that are held by Democrats that are at the level of NY-9 or weaker – and this didn’t take into account the margin of victory, either.

I want 2012 to be an utter rout of the Democrats. One so massive, that the moderates rebel hard and good against the left-wing of that party so that the left-wingers are never again to hold power in this country.