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“All the working people”

“All the working people”

My guess is that none of these dancers has ever been a “working people.”  (h/t @jpodhoretz)

I would not be surprised to see this troupe at an Aroma Cafe soon.  Hurry up kiddies, rehearsals have started already.


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I can’t decide whether I should call Richard Simmons, Jennifer Beale (Flash Dance) or Jane Fonda. It’s all so Eighties! Beyonce…not so much. Ooh, maybe Mimes will be next…

#1 I have seen 12 year olds better execute choreography and singing. They should be ashamed to have a public performance that can only be called mediocre at best. The fact that they were the ones uploading the video shows that they’re too lazy to even learn how to pull off excellence in their protesting.

#2 If everyone boycotts the Hyatt, the Hyatt will fire ALL of its housekeeping staff. Duh. Apparently, there were a few folks absent on “cause and effect logic” day.

Someone should tell them a group of people who all know each other, rehearse before hand, and have a coordinated political message don’t count as a flash mob.

The obvious retaliation would be to sing the, “America, F*** yeah!” song from Team America, World Police.

If this group ever “Sasses” an Aroma Cafe it should be more embarrassing to them than hauling waterlogged coal to Newcastle. Staff there could probably show them some real dancing.

Noting their obvious lack of talent, grace and artistry, it’s probably best they have a radical, social justice supporting organization like Sass to which to belong. They certainly don’t appear capable of reaching Walmart’s or McDonald’s minimum hire standards.

ha ha ha ha, oh thanks for sharing that one. As far as I can reckon, that’s about the most useful these chuckleheads are likely to be in the near future. Let’s hope they spend all their spare time rehearsing instead of voting.

Golly Gee – Those city kids don’t know how to do the macarena! Maybe the Brits could show them how it’s done.

I got a bottle of Tink’s Doe In Heat Urine and a squirt gun. Let’s see some flash mob action!

That’ll put some aroma in their cafe!

Good point, that was a planned demonstration. There were a couple of thin cuties, but too many who need to follow Michelle’s advice and “Move It” a bit more. Maybe that’s what they were doing.

I’m disappointed that Hyatt didn’t have better security. Somebody at the front desk should have responded sooner and with greater authority. Arrests should have been in order.

    Arrest seems extreme, I doubt they broke any laws. The area was apparently open to the public and one would have a right to assume so unless asked to leave. When asked to leave, they did.

      Milwaukee in reply to Awing1. | September 28, 2011 at 1:48 am

      They entered that building with every intention of disrupting business. Isn’t that malice aforethought? Had they been employees they would have been constrained from protesting in the building. Did they actually do any damage? Not this time. Must Hyatt wait for them to do damage? Why should Hyatt or any other business have to put up with protesters in the building?

I’m going to book my next stay in Florida [January 2012] at the Hyatt.

Trespassers. The Hyatt might be open to the public but only to the public that wants to rent its rooms. The Hyatt is a private business and stuff like this makes them lose customers which is definitely infringing on their rights. I thought to myself when that guy in the video followed the group to the doors, “yeah, lock the doors”. I despise protestors. Protesting has never accomplished a thing but disruption and inconvenience to others. I have never heard of it changing a thing.

How gay, and not in a good way. A Chorus Line it is not.
After we’ve seen in Wisconsin the ways that union thugs mistreat property of others, I’m glad Hyatt isn’t hiring such miscreants.

Jeeeez …