Thanks to all the readers who have been sending bumper sticker photos.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of drivers are willing to express themselves is quite vehement terms against Obama and Democrats.  Has the fear of getting keyed or worse worn off?

Like this rear window sign spotted by reader Tammy, who wrote

This is in Minneapolis, land of the loons.  And I don’t mean the State bird, either.

I’m wondering how long this guy drove his “smart” car before the windows got busted.

When I was a litte hesitant, Tammy followed up:

Well, it’s up to you. Your site.

I thought you wanted to share what people are really feeling across the country.  And I live in liberal Minnesota, so that guy/gal has BALLS.

I’ve seen many other signs while driving through Iowa and Missouri. I plan to take more photos.

She convinced me.  It’s certainly no worse than the anti-Bush, anti-Cheney, anti-Palin, anti-Republican and anti-Tea Party bumper stickers we’ve seen here.  Why did I even hesitate?