One of the usual anti-Scott Walker suspects hanging outside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison didn’t like the fact that Ann Althouse was filming the moonbats tooting their horns, so he decided to try to grab the camera from her, grabbed her as well, and in the attempt was pulled off by Althouse’s son.

Nothing surprising here.  Thuggery has been the modus operandi at the Madison Capitol for months, with Republican state senators chased down both individually and as a group.  Althouse and others also have received threats.

When the police finally showed up, they threated to arrest not the perp but Althouse’s son.

Nothing surprising here.  The police unions openly sided with protesters, the Dane County Sheriff announced that his officers would not act as “palace guards,” and there was widespread police tolerance of mob rule.

So, all in all, there was nothing surprising to me about the incident.  Except for one thing.

I thought Althouse was taller:


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