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The missing Obama command photo

The missing Obama command photo

We’ve seen him in the situation room when he got bin Laden.  And interrupting his golf game to deal with the D.C. earthquake.  And taking charge of the hurricane control center.

But there is one photo which is missing, as noted by commenter Jonathan at Legal Insurrection’s Facebook page:

Where’s the photo of him masterminding the Gibson Guitar raid?


Somehow I doubt we’ll be seeing this campaign slogan from Team Axelplouffe:

“We got Gibson Guitar!”


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Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | August 28, 2011 at 4:57 pm

All those emergency room situation pics need a golf club in his hand, and a golf cart or clubs in the background … photo-shopped in of course.

The Gibson guitar raid, or “I’m going to work on gun control beneath the radar”, or “fundamentally change America”, or “cling to their religion and their guns” comments need Soros, Trumka, and Karl Marx ‘shopped in by his side. He did say he liked his Marxist prof’ best.

When do we get the FOIA full results of who has been hanging out at the White House? (Besides his mother-in-law … is she secretly ruling the roost?)

Why is everyone getting bent out of shape about this?

Gibson will not be going out of business … because the government will now be going into the guitar business.

Linked. Nice catch.

Remember this?

With just a few tweaks it can be:

“Sorry it took me so long to get you a speech on jobs …

… I was busy killing Les Paul.”

So can we begin an office pool as to which country Gibson relocates to?

I’m picking Indonesia

Interesting piece about the main competitor of Gibson’s guitar, they use that same illegal wood, and yet aren’t charged, the only difference appears to be Gibson’s is a GOP donor, its competitor is a democrat donor.

he was probably having sex with his lover Biden the whole time. and spending a trillion dollars for Biden to have a sex change so they could marry and have 6 children together. *lulz*

and probably another trillion to try and implant a semi-functional brain for biden…. because liberalism has killed 99.9% of his brain cells.