This should be Obama’s Dukakis Tank moment, when pure bravado exposed the very perception of weakness the candidate hoped to overcome.

Is there anything worse than a candidate who tries so hard to be something he is not, to fake it so hard that it hurts to watch?

But it probably will not be, because Barack Obama is no Mike Dukakis. Obama has cheerleaders in the mainstream media far beyond Dukakis’s wildest dreams.:

He took charge? What exactly did he do in the few hours after he rushed back from vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, barely having time to scrape the grass off his golf cleats?

He did nothing, but he sure looked good doing it.

New campaign slogan:

Obama 2012, because he beat bin Laden Irene

Update: Great minds think alike, More irenic thoughts, or Obama as Dukakis (via Instapundit)


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