As thugs have been burning, beating, and stealing their way through London, citizens of that disarmed society had little to defend themselves with as the police were completely overwhelmed.

I have the utmost respect for police officers and the work they do, but they cannot be everywhere at once, especially in the case of large-scale rioting, but usually also in the more common case of crimes in progress.  After all, even most criminals have the sense no to commit their crimes in plain sight of police, and many crimes just don’t take all that long.

Desperate Brits are resorting to shopping online for improvised weapons.  They are buying out of baseball bats, billy clubs, and folding shovels.  Yesterday, billy clubs saw a 41,000%+ increase in sales, until the item was pulled. Shipping times on their most popular baseball bat (up over 36,000%)  slipped to 4-6 weeks.  Today, a folding shovel is their new Sports and Leisure top seller, with sales up 239,000% in the past 24 hours!

Situations like this show gun control at its worst.  As Adam Baldwin tweeted yesterday,


Adam Baldwin 
Presumably, London-type riots would not last long in either Texas, or Arizona.

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We in America do have our own small-scale but disturbing riot problems, with flash robberies and roving bands of violent youth quickly forming and brutalizing random strangers in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, Las Vegas, and other cities, not all of which have severely restricted the availability of firearms.

But I also remember during the Los Angeles riots, when, the police having been overwhelmed, the Korean community banded together to defend their stores and lives against the rioters, even though it was too late for many.  Using Korean-language radio, they called for security volunteers. Armed with what in some cases would a few years later be banned as “assault weapons,” stores and lives were likely spared, mostly without having to actually fire a shot. Here’s some vintage local news footage  I’ve tracked down, and a picture that says it all.