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Keep checking Chuck, keep checking

Keep checking Chuck, keep checking

Once again, the mainstream media is chasing after Sarah Palin as she visits various part of the country.

Just like her early summer bus tour, I can’t help but laugh to see the likes of Chuck Todd breathlessly reporting such important events as Palin getting back in a minivan:

As for where she’s heading, keep checking Chuck, keep checking.


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Pretty funny!

Chuck is such a buffoon. I can’t believe he’s considered a newsman of some heft by some people.

Whatever happened to classically trained professional journalism with the highest ethical standards (as opposed to pajama wearing law professor bloggers)?

What color van?
What year?
Tinted windows?
Domestic or imported tires?

This “tweet” is exactly why I think Twitter is mostly used by twits.

Chuckie, who cares? (Besides the occupants of your pea-brained world.)

Do these people take themselves seriously? Do they realize virtually no one else does?

Like moths to a flame.

Just to drive the nuts, Sarah needs to be seen getting in a vehicle with an Obama bumper sticker.

Your fellow prof Althouse believes that “Bachmann is crowding Palin out of the race. Bachmann is Palin2, and a big improvement over Palin in terms of gravitas and electability.”

Utter rot, of course. Bachmann has a limited shelf-life, and her sell by date is about up. She has no loyalty and has shown herself to be untrustworthy.

The media is covering non candidate Sarah’s Bus Tour, but are not covering the crowds (or lack thereof) for the Tragical Misery Bust Tour of Mr. Obama.