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Follow The Leader

I don’t often quote Steve Benen in a positive manner, and he does mix in some PDS, but reading this brought a smile to my face:

When Palin says she wants news organizations to “do a little bit of work,” what that means is she wants media outlets to simply follow her bus, wherever it might go. And wouldn’t you know it, actual news organizations are doing just that.

Right now, as Palin’s bus travels to destinations unknown, it’s being followed by an informal caravan of 15 or so vehicles — including a CNN bus — filled with reporters and producers. They don’t know where they’re going, and they don’t know what they’ll do when they get to where they’re going, but Sarah Palin is in a bus, and so they remain in pursuit….

The whole thing is just painfully stupid. The former half-term governor of Alaska has effectively told news organizations, “Catch me if you can!” To which the media responds, “We’ll be right behind you!”

CBS News is complaining that national news organizations are being treated like papparazi:

Sarah Palin and her advisers are refusing to tell members of the media where she is going on her current bus tour – and the former Alaska governor seems to be enjoying the cat and mouse game that’s resulted.

“I don’t think I owe anything to the mainstream media … I want them to have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this, and that would include not necessarily telling them beforehand where every stop’s going to be,” she told fellow Fox News employee Greta Van Susteren in an interview from the bus.

Yet the reemergence of the GOP’s larger-than-life 2008 vice presidential candidate – who says she is strongly considering a run for president – is undeniably news. Which is why more than a dozen national news outlets have sent reporters and producers out to try and follow Palin.

Since Palin and her team won’t share where the potential candidate is headed, reporters and producers have little choice but to simply stay close to Palin’s bus. This has resulted in scenes of the Palin bus tooling down the highway followed by a caravan of 10 or 15 vehicles all trying to make sure they don’t lose sight of the Palin bus.

It adds up to a dangerous situation, says CBS News Producer Ryan Corsaro.

“I just hope to God that one of these young producers with a camera whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin as a potential Republican candidate don’t get in a car crash, because this is dangerous,” he said.

Is there anything more satisfying than watching Sarah Palin, who regularly is accused by the mainstream media of not having “gravitas” and much worse, turn the mainstream media into a circus act?

Thank you.

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I love this. It's just Sarah having fun with the LSM, and I'm having fun watching it. Go Sarah Go!!

If they (and the Democrats) had not treated her or her family the way they had over the last two or three years, and maybe left her the heck alone when she returned to Alaska after the November election to complete her term in peace… maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't be in this predicament today.

But the fact is this: they cannot help themselves. They're vultures.

They wanted to destroy her, and for a while, they thought they did. But, in the words of Obi Wen Kenobi, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Today, Sarah Palin not only has name recognition: she also has a huge army (legions!) of followers who would raise a hundred pirates' booty and walk over coals of fire to put her in the White House, if she chooses to run.

And the MSM has no choice but to follow her like starving hound dogs, and maybe get just a few scraps from her table.

Give 'em hell, Sarah!

I had no idea how pampered the press is until I read this article by Andrew Malcolm.

Sarah Palin plays the media like a violin: Her turn now
The media on campaigns is accustomed to being courted, even catered to with assigned airplane seats, meals, transportation to events, seats waiting, transcripts, the upcoming advance schedule, self-serving secrets confided.

Amongst her other projects she is also training the press. Notice some are in like RCP, some are out like JourNOlisting Pollutico. You can see her giving shout outs to reporters. She gives local reporters time. Those that want to be on the inside will have to make peace and be fair.

From the Palin camp's current favorite:

"…whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin…" he said.

This is not a complaint to Palin about her handling of the media but to the "bosses" who feel that she is worth being chased around "as if" she were a potential GOP candidate.

Palin gave several extensive interviews yesterday on Fox and they were very good. THAT is why these paparazzi are chasing her. Since everyone knows that they will only use access to do nothing but embarrass and humiliate her, why should they have access? Uninvited, they ARE paparazzi doing exactly what paparazzi do.

Notice how even the thought of cooperating is unthinkable. In any "Normal" group trying to follow a bus, they would all trade phone numbers or some other communication method, and spread the word once the bus stopped.

Then again, the press is anything but normal…

Newton, you're too kind when you wrote they're "vultures." [Not to mention it's an insult to the hard working birds. ;~) ]

Time for a reprise of Humbert Wolfe's little verse which is painfully relevant today:

"You cannot hope to bribe or twist,
Thank God! the British journalist.
And see what the chap will do unbribed,
There's no occasion to."

Hard to enjoy this with all the "fair minded" people that use it as another hammer– against Palin. *headdesk* Yes, how DARE she not do EXACTLY what the press demand of her. How un-Christian!

I don't want her to run and probably wouldn't vote for her, absent any reasonable alternative [which leaves out Obungler], but Sarah is doing the country a favor by making the ridiculous lamestream MSM look as silly as most people believe it is. I wonder if unemployed zeros like Couric & Gibson are watching this circus from their unemployment line…!

She who laughs last…..

And now the lamestream frauds are whining that they are actually having to work to get something to show to their moronic bosses. The NYT is running a blow-by-blow in the Caucus blogsite and half the commenters are irate females squawking and screeching how much they hate Sarah, probably because they're childless crones themselves.

My favorite scene in Bruce Willis' Die Hard was when John McClane's wife belts the newsman at the end. We need more of that kind of reaction to the intrusive, idiotic press.

Professor: You may get a chuckle reading this CBS while dressed up as a news report and entitled "Sarah Palin's Bus Tour Treats Reporters as Paparazzi". ROFLMAO!

The comment section is priceless. CBS is getting total reader push-back, and people are bringing up gems such as RatherGate and Couric. Even a few non-Palin supporters find the CBS report laughable.

Why should anyone take the complaints of CBS and the rest of the secular media seriously? For the most part the secular media routinely lies, distorts, and makes things up in order to manipulate the political process and get political leaders to dance to the tune they call. And too few journalists are willing to call out their more dishonest colleagues.

"CBS News is complaining that national news organizations are being treated like papparazi"

Hmmm. CBS News is offended at being treated like what they are. No, no irony there!

"I just hope to God that one of these young producers with a camera whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin as a potential Republican candidate don't get in a car crash, because this is dangerous," he said.

Good heavens, is there nothing they will blame on her?

I love watching Sarah make absolute fools of the JournOList media.

chiefsnark, Rudyard Kipling (who was one) fired off this classic:

"She patronized extensively a man, Ulysses Gunne,
Whose mode of earning money was a low and shameful one.
He wrote for certain papers, which, as everybody knows,
Is worse than serving in a shop or scaring off the crows."

Couldn't stalking charges be made?
She is a private citizen, touring the country with her family. She is NOT running for office at this time. So, why are they stalking her?

Kipling was himself a newspaperman fairly often in his life, of course. 🙂

This is so much fun!!!!! Please, don't anyone say anything that would let the media find out a mere housewife from Wasilla is making fools of them. Again.

By jingo, this would also make a great plot for a TV series. Each week a different featured actor/actress could play the part of a media guru, and breathlessly tell us anew how stupid and inane are the political motivations and campaign activities of the series star/candidate.

A show like this could turn out to be a vehicle [no pun intended] for the rehabilitation of Charlie Sheen's career.