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Gaza Tweet of the Day

Gaza Tweet of the Day

From @MargieInTelAviv:

I would add one thing, “Easy, just stop firing rockets at us … and sending people across the border to kill us.”

Update:  NY Times covers things pretty much as you would expect.


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You said it all Professor….additional comment not required 🙂

See! MSM journalists are capable of evenhandedness … even when it isn’t warranted! The MSM … going that extra mile … hand in hand with Israel’s terrorist enemies.

It’s been said before but worth saying again:

If Israel laid down their arms, Israel would be annihilated.
If the ‘Palestinians’ laid down their arms, there would be peace.

It’s not only the NYT who is biased in their coverage. Excuse the shameless self-promotion but Most of the international media are the same.

No surprises in how the BBC reported the terror assault on Israel and Israel’s attempts to stop the attacks on its civilian population. See

The BBC and the New York Times’ coverage of Israel, especially in relation to the conflict with the Palestinians, is boringly predictable.

Israel needs to stop pussyfooting around, stop being scared of the UN, the Communists, the Flotilla crowd, and bring the hammer down on these killers. Wipe out either Hamas or Fatah, and Hezbollah and all the other killers will sit up and take notice. Israel is playing the appeasement game, and that game has no winners except for the people who want to kill you. It seems to me, the appeasement mindset was in evidence in the ghettoes of Warsaw when people didn’t think the Germans would kill them if they behaved themselves. Well, the Germans did. Israel should have learned from that very hard lesson. Agggh! When your law says “Thou shalt not kill!” it is indeed hard to kill even those who would kill you.