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(Bipartisan) Debt Ceiling Tweet of the Day

(Bipartisan) Debt Ceiling Tweet of the Day

The interesting thing about this now-famous tweet is that the sentiment has widespread bipartisan support, although for different reasons:


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I’ll give him credit… he’s right. Just not the way he thinks.

One of the talking heads out there said it best yesterday… “We’re no longer sprinting towards bankruptcy, we’ve just reduced the pace to a brisk jog.”

Or something like that.

This was a total betrayal by both parties.

Agreed, this is the biggest crappy meal that repubs have tried to force down our throat since shamnesty.

I raised the bun: Where’s the beef?

DINORightMarie | August 1, 2011 at 10:35 am

It is amusing that this guy’s tweet has gotten so much attention, especially since many on the right are calling it a Crap Sandwich. 😀

Keep things in perspective, people! This is just one fight, one battle, in the long war to take back our nation!! This IS a victory, although seemingly small and at high cost, for the Conservative TEA Party. The conversation is not dominated completely by the Left. The tax increase/revenue increase has been stopped (for now). Our government is turning the vector slightly, one inch at a time, in the right direction.

As Rep. Allen West would know, this is war – political and ideological war. Small gains in ground are victories. Continued progress, continued ground gained, is an incremental movement toward victory, toward winning this war. This battle was not to keep the debt ceiling from being raised – that was inevitable. But how much we could hold the line – and even push back, what we could gain from that increase, was key.

Not anyone’s ideal, this compromise bill, but forward progress.

The freshman TEA Party members are now battle tested, having experienced the horrors of political war. This will toughen their resolve, assist them in seeing the long strategic view, keeping 2012 and turning the country around as the ultimate victory of this siege, this war.

On another front – we MUST work to ensure there are solid, Conservative candidates in EVERY Senate election in 2012. We also must support a Conservative nominee for the Republican Party in 2012 as these Conservative foot soldiers in DC persevere, slogging through the mud of the liberal leftist DC swamp, gaining ground by inches, in the meantime.

Never give in. NEVER give in! NEVER GIVE IN!! Hold your ground, and advance. Accept victory in every battle, however seemingly small. Each victory is moving toward the goal, moving toward ultimate victory – to our nation’s victory: reigning in Big Government.


He’s right. I lifted the bun and saw a whole lot of pork. Still.

If we can’t win immediately, then let’s just give up!!!

Sorry. I don’t see it as a victory. Instead, I’m reminded of the briefer back during the Vietnam War who solemnly assured us that we had to destroy the village to save it.

This thing has more loop holes then a Swiss cheese factory. It’s a mere road bump for the spenders; it addresses nothing that will put us on a sound financial footing and it jacks up the debts to over $16.5 trillion… by the end of the year.

Declare an “emergency” and all this fiscal restraint stuff goes out the window… and they’ll declare one at the drop of a hat… so whatever any of you do, DON’T DROP YOUR HATS.

If the young people in this country were even remotely paying attention to what we’re doing to them, they’d be rioting in the streets and descending on the White House and the Capitol Building with pitchforks and torches. (Think of the town scene in Young Frankenstein. You know… before the cop started talking.)

We have models to follow, and we’re following them. The models of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland and Italy. And how are those working out for us?

Instead of running AWAY from those models, we’re running at full speed TOWARDS those models.

Like the columnist said a while back:

“The reason we have such a massive deficit is because Congress wants one.”

This rip off is, to me, confirmation of that.

Anyone for “Devil’s food?”

And this guy’s elected to office time after time? It ain’t his fault. Is it?

He’s outraged that the bill doesn’t contain a trillion dollar tax hike.

Worse, his constituents will read this tweet in exactly the opposite way we do.

When we comes right down to it, this is probably the best we can expect right now. The dims are dedicated to the downfall of this country and the only way out is to vote them out. Anything that would help save this country would never pass either the senate or obama. They put country last. I lost the naive idea they are just misinformed some time ago.

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