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Anti-Tea Party fox, human rights henhouse

Anti-Tea Party fox, human rights henhouse

Via Chicago Tribune:

An investigator for Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s human rights agency got a slap on the wrist for forwarding an e-mail before last November’s election that contended the Republican Party had been hijacked by “dangerous, radical hate mongers called the ‘Tea Party.'”

The e-mail, sent on a state computer, claimed talk show host Glenn Beck and former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin led the tea party effort to “take down President Obama and the government.” ….

The pro-Democratic e-mail urged readers to fight at the ballot box against a tea party political coup because “these people hate blacks. They hate Latinos. They hate Muslims and have at times made many anti-Semitic statements. They hate gays. They hate any moderate Republican who might be likely to cooperate with Obama.”

The slap on the wrist was a public reprimand.

What’s of most interest to me is that the e-mail was described as “pro-Democratic” and was circulating just before the election.

But none of that is new.  It’s been the Democratic strategy since there was a Tea Party.


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The Hill is now reporting that Rep. Allen West (R-FL), is publicly talking about resigning from the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) following the incendiary remarks by race-baiting Congressman, Andre Carson (D-IN) alleging that some Tea Party Members of Congress are seeking to have African Americans “hanging on a tree.”

. . .
“When you start using words such as lynching … that’s a reprehensible word and I think we should move away from that language,” West said on “Fox & Friends.”

“One of the things I’m starting to think about is reconsidering my membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, because I don’t think they’re moving in the right manner toward solving the problems in not just the black community, but all of America.”

. . . .

Recently, other CBC members have likewise made outrageous comments about the Tea Party, including Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-CA, who said the Tea Party could “go straight to hell.”

Any difference between this and the SPLC? These days, the racist hate groups bear names like CAIR, La Raza and NAACP.

Its just a cover for an attempt to silence legitimate speech that they disagree with on political grounds.

I have to ask, which Tea Party are we talking about?