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… and also to use the blood of Egyptian children to make Matzah

… and also to use the blood of Egyptian children to make Matzah

No official incitement in the new Egypt, “Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility”:

Israeli citizen Ofir Harrari, recently accused by Egypt of spying for Israel, was allegedly involved in a complicated scheme intended to harm
Egyptian reproduction abilities, Egypt’s official state paper Al-Ahram has claimed.

Harrari, accused by Egypt of being an agent of the Mossad, is set be tried in absentia on charges of “spying for a foreign country with the purpose of harming
Egyptian national interest,” news agency MENA reported on Sunday….

“According to the public prosecutor’s office’s investigation, ‘Mossad agent Ofir Harrari’ instructed Jordanian Ibrahim abu-Zaid to set up a company in Egypt
which would exclusively import an Israeli hair product, for both men and women, which causes infertility. This in order to completely destroy Egyptian
reproduction abilities,” Al-Ahram states.

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli incitement has been the norm in the Egyptian media for decades, and was a key part of the Arab Spring.


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It seems that Allah is no match for the jews, who can overcome muslim fertility with just a spritz to the hair. Do muslims realize how impotent they appear when they fear hair spray as an assault on their fertility? I also remember that some muslims in Africa believe that Jews could make their privates disappear with just a look. What sadness there is that supposed adults could have such magical insane delusions.

The muslim imans have done their work well. They have educated their flocks to hate the Jews unreasonably. You would think that if they really believed this cr*p, they would fear offending such powerful foes but that is not the case. I have never seen a race or religion so obsessed with sex and the reproductive organs. But I guess it is reasonable that they are obsessed when you realize they nothing else in their lives but those two things.

Them Juice! Who is like them Juice? They make stuff that shrinks Muslim penises, that keep Muslim penises at half past six. Now they got stuff that makes Muslim penises shoot blanks. What a people!

Seems like them Egyptians are always thinking with the smaller head instead of the big head.

So when do they start putting up posters with bearded, evil eyed and pointy toothed Jews doing nefarious stuff to poor innocent Muslims?

Oh wait, I think Hamas already does that.

(haven’t we seen this movie before? Around 75 years ago?)

(Egyptian blood? So false!! I thought the recipe called for virgin Palestinian.)

Er, where exactly are Al-Ahram’s readers spraying the hair-stiffener? Maybe someone mis-translated the product directions?

How soon until some Egyptian publicly obsesses about “purity of essence”?
In any randomly selected one thousand Egyptians, is more than one a rational, sane, civilized human being?

And is the United States still giving $2 billion in aid each year to this depraved regime?

I have met some Christians that hold some peculiar beliefs. But the lunacy I see routinely come from vast segments of the Muslim community, worldwide, defies reason. You must be irrational to believe this stuff.

Well, we gotta have our matzah, don’t we?

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