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About those lackluster Republican presidential candidate fundraising numbers.

I think I’m fairly typical.  I’m sitting on my wallet because the field is not complete, or if it is complete, we don’t yet know it. 

And yes, there’s a lack of excitement in the current field.  The most solid candidate in my estimation (Pawlenty) hasn’t shown the ability to break through.

While Obama is out there running $5 raffles $3 raffles to run up his “small donor” numbers, many of us on this side of the fence are sitting back and waiting… either for a candidate we can believe in or the general election.


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One thing’s for sure, we don’t need another mild-mannered candidate who’s afraid to offend O. McCotter is the latest one to consider running. I’ve never heard of him before.

McCotter is the latest one to consider running. I’ve never heard of him before.

He’s on Greg Gutfeld’s ‘Red Eye’ a lot.   I read somewhere that McCotter is pro-union.   If true I don’t see how McCotter will get much traction?

Everyone’s waiting for the 800 pound mama grizzly.

I have read Herman Cain raised $2.4 Million but also seems to have oganizational problems as well. Hiring people to work on the campaign and not paying them is not my idea of balancing the budget.
It is still way too early to gauge concrete excitement. I am see the political emotional support run from “anti-Obama” to “anti-Romney”.
As for Pawlenty, I think he has positioned himself well for what I believe will be a train wreck with the competing Bachmann-Cain-Gingrich-Santorum and now McCotter (and potentially Rick Perry) campaigns. What remains to be seen is whether Palin will run or will Paul Ryan and/or Chris Christie reconsider getting in the race.

texaswindchimes | July 3, 2011 at 11:15 am

I agree with Viator in that I, too, am waiting for the 800 pound Mama Grizzly to enter the race. And like the good Professor, I’m sitting on my wallet. I don’t have all that much money to send a candidate and what I do send I want to count!
I am usually a “lurker” on Legal-Insurrection, sometimes I’ll write a post then erase it, not sure of it’s reception. I’ll bet there are a lot of us out here/there. But, just as the Tea Party brought a lot of plain folks out and into the fray…. so too, is the Net bringing more and more people to the podium. Thanks to folks like Professor Jacobson.
Because I plan to work hard for my local precinct and I won’t go out and pour my heart and soul into someone this time, unless I KNOW they, too, are running all-out. I don’t see that attitude yet in the candidates. *sigh* Donald Trump showed the GOP how it should and could be done. But so far, I see no one else breathing steady fire. As a Texan I may be too close to Rick Perry. The old “familiarity breeds contempt” adage. Dunno.

…I’m sitting on my wallet…

I’ll add that I think, especially in this economy, and after the many who donated to Fred Thompson’s aborted run last time around that lots of folks are going to be sitting on their wallets for a while yet?

Run, Sarah, Run.

While I contributed to Sarah Palin’s PAC at the time of her bus tour, because of all the good I thought it was doing, I have not selected a candidate to whom to send contributions. I plan on doing so in selected races around the country, in addition to the presidential primary and election. This year and next the amount of my contributions will go up substantially because of my seeing 2012 as our last chance to save America. We need to regain the presidency, have a strong majority in the senate, and expand the majority in the house.
I find Prof. Jacobsen’s recommendations and rationale for them helpful in selecting candidates to support.

DINORightMarie | July 3, 2011 at 12:23 pm

I’m with you. I have little money to donate, and – like @viator and @texaswindchimes I am waiting for the Mama Grizzly to announce, either way. If Sarah doesn’t run, I will donate to the nominee. Until then, I am going to continue to sit on my wallet.

I, like many, gave to Scott Brown. Big mistake, IMHO, in hindsight. I will select a Conservative to contribute to, for any office I can vote in, or not donate at all.

It is that critical.

BTW – with the cut from $5 to $3, sounds like Obama is having trouble rounding up money to reach his $1Billion goal. I hope he falls flat, Democrats fall flat, and what little monies people have will POUR into Conservative coffers.

    spartan in reply to DINORightMarie. | July 3, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Concerning Brown

    I understand your frustration but Brown was never a ‘movement’ Conservative. However, his win was far more than ideologically purity in as much as it ended further tinkering to ObamaCare. It forced the wretched Senate bill passed before Brown’s election to become the albatross to be hung on the Democrats’ neck in 2010 and on Obama’s neck for 2012.
    I can’t wait to hear Obama’s staccato stammering to explain how ObamaCare is great for America while campaigning next year.
    I think the GOP takes back the Senate next year and Brown will have to figure out where he stands politically. Hopefully, he is smarter than Lincoln Chaffee or Jim Jeffords.

Lackluster indeed!

Romney – Yet another rich white guy with a fake smile. Do we ever learn? I believe his Mormon religion will be an obstacle. While the Mormons tend to be nice people on the surface, they don’t really like people who are other than Mormons. Trust me, I lived amongst them for a time and this is an undeniable fact. Before any LDS person does business with anyone, they first check to see if they can find an LDS vendor – they call this preference – I call it discrimination in favor of the cult.

Pawlenty – Nice man. He should stop running for president and become a minister or a high school guidance counselor. We are in the fight of our lives here and we don’t need some Mr. Rogers type to play nice with Obama. Remember how McCain did when he failed to go after Obama’s radical background?

Herman Cain – Nice man, but running a pizza business does not qualify him to be president. He might make an excellent cabinet officer.

Rick Santorum – Again, nice guy, good conservative but no gravitas. He speaks from his upper chest instead of his belly. Again, good cabinet man.

Michelle Bachmann – Good conservative, but the media will chew her up and spit her out because she has said some weird things. She would make a good VP candidate or a good cabinet officer.

Sarah Palin – I don’t think she is ready YET. She should run for senator first and then president. This will cause questions about her experience to totally evaporate. That said, if she runs, I’ll vote for her and she’ll take Obama to the cleaners.

Rick Perry – Good guy. I fear his down home folksy Texas style will remind people of Bush. That said, he has a good chance if he can stop talking like a good ole southern home boy.

Forget about it category – Gingrich, Giuliani, McCotter.

Notes – Christie has a real bad 2nd amendment position and he’s getting to be a wise guy – I hope he stays in NJ. Rubio, again a real good guy who isn’t going to run YET. One day he may be President.

If you want to know who the left fears, read the responses to the articles about them and who they use the strongest vitriol against. I started doing that about two weeks ago, and while the left has negative things to say about all the Republican candidates, the one candidate that sends them into apoplexy is Rick Perry. A HuffingtonPost article even tried to claim that Perry might be “gay” (silly me, I thought that was a benefit to the left).

There is no way I could get behind Romney. He stikes me as LBJ slick. Pawlenty has answered questions to my satisfaction, except in the area of illegal immigration. Santorum is a good man, but he is going to be villanized due to his religious beliefs, but has been warning about the crisis in the ME for years. Bachmann is knowledgable, but she will be taken to the cross by the left, just as they did Sarah Palin.

Cain is a good business man, having turned Godfather’s around when everyone said it could not be done. But he is short on foreign policy experience, much like the clown we now have in the Oval Office.

Again, watch who the left attacks the most. They will always expose their hand.

I have donated to SarahPAC, and will donate to the Sarah Palin campaign when she announces her candidacy.

I like the current President. I just don’t want him to win a second term. He tried. He failed. It’s time to go.

I would like the Republican challenger to run on a strong, solid consistent theme: close the borders, law and order (not ignore the Constitution), ease up on the overseas adventures, and work hard on fixing the economy. And get the chainsaw out on spending.

Right now, all of those getting into the game are rather feeble.

Waiting on Perry. I do not believe Palin can win, as much as I like her. Perry is the only one I believe to be a lock to win in the general election.

The market always wins, right? Here’s Intrade:

Yes, Professor ….. there is an AVALANCHE of small donor money building and building ….. waiting, waiting ….. for the Proven Reformer, (see “The Undefeated” ….. btw, Professor, will you see this film and post a Review please?) ….. as I was saying, waiting for the *one* who can and will lead the rescue of The American Identity, the one who can and will lead the Fundamental Restoration of America, the one who can and will initiate Operation “Scale Back Federal Govt”, hopefully, soon after she says the words “….. so help me God.”

Father, may it be so.

Forgot to tick the ‘notify’ box *__*

Most important criterion is who will do the best against Obama. I haven’t figured that out yet, but Romney has some problems in this regard because of Romneycare.

Never give politicians money – it just encourages them to ask for more.

BannedbytheGuardian | July 4, 2011 at 5:51 am

Sarah Palin …..

Some people turn up out of the blue & have a mesmerizing effect .

There really is something about her that is very rare.

I can’t donate but when she announces the world will explode with many different passions .

Also she is the most beautiful American woman since the classic stars of the 40s.