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Waiting for the Prize Fight

Waiting for the Prize Fight

The Billion Dollar Candidate is counting his dollars like he always does, while telling you how to spend yours. 

I don’t know about you, but I want these primaries to be over before they’ve begun, because I feel like we’re watching the down card fights, and we’re waiting for the prize fight.  I’m not downplaying the importance of selecting our nominee, but I want the General Election to be here already.

And sometime prior to August 2012 (my guess by  late March), when we know who the nominee will be and the Lombardi Rule takes effect, I’m going all in.  And when millions join me, the Billion Dollar Candidate will not seem quite so large.

Via the must-read Toby Harnden:


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I still think that if he were not failing at his job (failing monumentally, no less) he wouldn’t *need* a billion dollars to win. A popular, successful president should be re-electable without breaking the bank, no? The more he talks about all the money he needs, the more he acknowledges his deep failures.

Pasadena Phil Rule (I never vote for liberals or Democrats ESPECIALLY if they run as Republicans) is not in conflict with the Lombardi rule. In order to vote for the best conservative who is electable, the Republicans will have to nominate a conservative. After all, Hillary is more conservative than Obama so how would you vote if the GOP crammed her down our throats?

Let’s refrain from this nose holder talk. If we don’t reform the GOP this year, there won’t be a point electing Democrats running as Republicans next year. It’s that simple. I don’t care who is driving the bus over the cliff. I don’t want to go over the cliff!

Nose holding Republican voter (NHRV): “Karl, I know it’s early but I want to give you my ballot today. I already checked off “Republican” but left it it you to fill out the name of the candidate.”

Karl Rove: “Thank you.”

NHRV: “Now let me explain to you that I don’t want you to fill in anyone who is not a conservative.”

Karl Rove: “THANK you!

NHRC: “Wait! I’m not done!

Karl Rove: “I said T-H-A-A-A-N-N-K YOU!

nhrc: “????????”

KARL ROVE: “Oh! Wait! Do you have a signed blank check made out to cash you could lend me?”

Okay Fine…if I go to sleep until fall of 2012 then I’m at the mercy of other peoples choices. My option is to pick one or the other party and use the precincts and the primaries to try to get conservatives in. That Was one of the side effects of the November 2010 election, it will play a part in all the elections between now and 2012. It will also play a part in the 2014 elections whatever happens in 2012. So, which political party should I work in to make sure their candidates are more ‘strict-constructionist’ conservative?
That’s a rhetorical question.

kobayashi, there are only two parties. Can you possibly be implying that there is a choice? The last Harry Truman Democrat died or decamped a long, long time ago.

    kobayashi in reply to Viator. | July 13, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Call it a “Blue State Answer” – when I wrote that my Maryland recollection was 4 (four) parties. When I looked at MD 2008 there were 6 parties and 19 more multi-county writein votes.
    My first order thought was of course the 1992 Presidential Election where the “Independent Party” got 18% of the national vote,_1992.

    My Real reference of note is the election where “The Socialist Party” came in last with 6%, “The Republican Party” came in third with 23% of the vote, “The Progressive Party” came in second with 27% of the vote, and “The Democratic Party” won with 41% of the popular vote –

    The 1912 Election that brought in “The Progressive Era”, the four “Progressive Amendments”, the Federal Reserve, and a long list of issues..
    ….was 100 years before the 2012 Election. I’m not going to vote Dem or third party. I will vote in the first (primary) stage of every election I can get my hands on. I do have friends and relatives who are incorrigible Dems but dislike the prez and his policys. Call them “New Deal”/”Great Society”…or Truman Dems.

    The Model in my eye is the election that ended “The Progressive Era” and drove them underground into Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, Harvard Law, etc, the 1920 Election and the recovery from the worst twentieth century depression inside 18 months.

I thought some of the news today was quite positive. There are many conflicting narratives, a number of which are false.

For instance, it is widely known by people who follow it (by that I mean not reading Pollutico or the Wapo but actually ferreting out information found on the internet) that Sarah Palin has the best ground game in Iowa. As far as I know she hasn’t made any official effort, yet she has the best organization and feet on the ground in Iowa. Better than Romney, Bachmann or anyone. Figure that.

How NH pops up on the radar.

“I don’t think you can take the polls very seriously at this point. Until she announces, it doesn’t mean anything. There are very strong advocates, and they will get out of their chairs if asked and work for her,” Kittredge said. “She’s doing everything she needs to do to be the most serious candidate out there.”

Nashua resident Sandra Ziehm added, “I’ve been told she can’t take New Hampshire, but I think that’s cockamamie. I think she has the fight and she can do it.”

A Palin spokesman didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Rasmussen, who’s never met or spoken with Palin, said he’s got roughly 100 people committed to volunteering for her, and he’s ready to roll out a phone-bank fund-raiser in the near future. He expects her upcoming SarahPAC fund-raising report will reflect her political clout.”

So will we soon find out that Palin has the best ground game in NH?

Boston Herald

You gotta love the Sam Cataldo video.

For Sale: Office of President of United States of America. $US 1 Billion, obo

    The reason it’s that expensive is because it is much more expensive to sell cancer than food. With the right candidate, it will take much less to defeat either of the Democrats (cancer) each party is poised to nominate and spend a billion to persuade us that we need more cancer than we have already.

    We learned that in CA this year when Romney rewarded his biggest individual contributor and most effective fund raiser, Meg Whitman, buy securing for her the nomination of CA governor. She faced arguably the most unpopular Democrat in CA, spent almost $180 million and got clobbered taking the entire GOP ticket down with her.

    Nominate the right conservative Republican and next year will be a landslide on much less than $1B. If they don’t and that nominee is running behind Trump in the polls, Trump will run independent with a good chance of winning.