Obama is planning on 5 1/2 more years in office, so he can complete what he has not yet finished.

At a campaign fundraiser on June 30, Obama made these comments, as reported byReal Clear Politics (emphasis mine):

“And, Philadelphia, I know there are some of you who are frustrated because we haven’t gotten everything done that we said we were going to do in two and a half years. It’s only been two and a half years. I got five and a half years more to go. (Applause.) And there are — look, there are times where I feel frustrated. But we knew this wasn’t going to be easy. We knew a journey like this one, there were going to be setbacks, like there were setbacks during the first campaign. There are going to be times where we stumble, just we stumbled sometimes during the first campaign.”

The video is at the link.

He is driven folks, and single-minded in his desire to force on this country his vision. And right now, the betting is that we have at best a 50/50 chance of defeating him.

Not motivated for 2012 yet?  Still planning to sit home if your candidate doesn’t win the Republican nomination?  Want to go third party if we get someone too RINO-ish as the nominee?

Fight to get a conservative the nomination, but remember the Lombardi Rule takes effect the nanosecond the nomination is decided.


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