… to my readers for making June the best month ever at Legal Insurrection in terms of blog traffic (just over 600k visits and 800k page views).  Considering that it was the transition month, I was concerned that I’d leave a lot of people behind.  So thanks for sticking with me.

And thanks also to the following, in no particular order:  Paul Revere, Sarah Palin’s e-mails, the People and Judges of the Great State of Wisconsin and all its subdivisions, the Obamanator, the person who invented the glue which keeps bumper stickers from falling off, Ed Rollins, seafaring moonbats, Weiner’s yfrog account, the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (particularly the “Plantations”), Blago, Nutroots Nation, spudnik, and most of all, that guy from San Francisco without whom I never would have been able to do the victory dance which now is my theme song: