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Soon it will be up to Senate Republicans

Soon it will be up to Senate Republicans

As it looks now, a revised Boehner bill will get a vote this afternoon and is likely to pass.

In yesterday’s flash poll, here’s how the vote broke down on what the House does next:

I voted for the last option, do nothing until the Senate passes a bill (actually, probably an amendment to the House bill). Until then, there’s nothing for the House to do. Many of you have argued that is what the House should have done after the CCB bill was sent to the Senate; it may have been a tactical error to then draft the Boehner bill, but that error was water under the bridge over a week ago.

It is up to Republicans in the Senate to fight the battle now. Until then, House Republicans should take a break. Because if it comes back as something unacceptable, they are going to have to have the stomach to say no.


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Go get ’em, Mitch Patton McConnell

H. R. 2693

At the end of the day, we’re still talking about RAISING the debt ceiling with no actual cuts to actual spending. No cuts to entitlements or defense, which make up more than 3/4 of government spending. Raising the debt ceiling and not cutting government is irresponsible.

Dingy Harry will not even give the house the respect of an up or down vote on their Bill. How disgusting is that. He needs to be made to pay a price for that.

I suggest that the House recess until AFTER the Senate has given the house bill the courtesy of an up or down vote.

It will require the house to show fortitude that no-one but the tea party has shown. It will also send a very strong message that this is not simply a cynical game to invite a watered down bill that will be passed by the house with democrat votes

That’s what will happen, but it’s pretty much just going to be Boehner’s bill with fake spending limits, no vote on BBA, and a big enough debt limit increase to go to 2013. And they will dare the house to not pass it. Given how this has gone so far, I bet the house will pass it with a mix of R’s and D’s.

So, at the end of the day, we were able to turn the dialog away from tax increases (although no one was talking tax increases until Obama brought it up in the middle of negotiations) and onto spending cuts (although none of them will be real) and we paid for those with a fracturing of our unity and a lot of lost face.

Thus is it ever in Washington D.C. Let’s lick our wounds and regroup to fight the next battle.

dorsaighost | July 29, 2011 at 2:02 pm

this battle was fought against 3 to 1 odds (Senate/Obama/MSM vs GOP)… that the GOP didn’t get crushed is amazing …

“It is up to Republicans in the Senate to fight the battle now”

Ufortunately, ‘My Friends in the Senate’ dictates that Senator John McCain and Senator Mitch McConnell will pick up this battle declaring that fiscal conservative, small government Tea Party Americans are TERRORISTS!

One more thing Senator John McCain, though I did year after year I will never again come to the defense your military service for there is no HONOR in lies, theft, and stealing!

You, Senator John McCain join Rep Jon Murtha and Senator John Kerry in bringing SHAME to those who wear the uniform!

Picked the first…when I meant to pick the last. Was confused with the wording of the first and last option. They read like the same course of action… that is, no further action required after the bill leaves the house. It’s up to the Senate Dems, if they reject it, to either take the blame for the market’s reaction or accept it..and be blamed in 2012 for adding to the debt.

PrincetonAl | July 29, 2011 at 4:33 pm

“Because if it comes back as something unacceptable, they are going to have to have the stomach to say no.”

That is the whole problem, isn’t it? At some point the Repubs are going to have to draw a line in the sand and risk a partial shutdown, or get pushed all over the playground by the bigger bully.

All this discussion about one-way compromise is a bit silly, because I think no matter what the Repubs pass, the Democrats would pick it up and make it worse.

Just to see if anyone on the Repub side has any balls.

We will soon find where they are willing to draw the line. I suspect just about where ever Harry tells them to.

Whether that is the price for getting Obama out of office, or is necessary for getting him out of office, we can’t know.

It does suggest, barring a change in dynamics, that unless the Repubs control all three seats, they are in a potentially inferior position that will keep getting rolled? (doesn’t speak well to holding the line).

The only answer is to get a BBA (which I suspect won’t work either – there will always be a loophole).

There is a flip side to this question.

What should Harry Reid do in the Senate once this bill is passed? And there are two possiblities:

1) Responsibly take up the bill on the floor of the Senate, allow debate and ammendments, and send the revised bill to the conference committe with all due haste.

2) Be a jerk, and get 51 Senators to table it.

Guess which one I’m betting on?