How pathetic is this.

The Daily Caller is reporting as news that Public Policy Polling, a Democratic pollster which has a nasty habit of doing polling meant to generate anti-Republican headlines, and using skewed sampling, is dropping Tim Pawlenty from some of its polling questions.

I don’t really care that PPP is dropping Pawlenty, PPP can run its polls however it wants.  But why is this news?

The Daily Caller makes sure to point out that Politico blesses PPP’s credentials based on 4 polls PPP got right this year in special elections.

Yes, when PPP wants to run a straight up poll it can, and in actual elections it is not better or worse than many others.

We are in pre-election season, and many of PPP polls are message polls.  By dropping Pawlenty and then spreading that change to the media, PPP is messaging, helping shape the Republican field.


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