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Pence – Keep open mind on Boehner plan

Pence – Keep open mind on Boehner plan

It would be very hard to call Mike Pence a RINO or a sellout, so when he says to take the Boehner plan seriously, I think it’s worth a listen:

Remember, it’s the end game that matters.


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Can Mike Pence or the other Big Spending Republican politicans, as well as, the Big Spending Republican pundits Kristol, Krauthammer and the losers at NR etc etc and so forh guarantee that should Big Spending Republicans win Senate and White House with their Big Spending Republican candidates such as Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty will KEEP THEIR PROMISES to cut spending?

I have no skin in the game, no children or grandchldren to enslave with governmental fatcat deceptive lies nor do I have reliance upon government whatever however it will be miserable for those who do and I have NO PITY for those Americans whose eyeballs are so glued to Jon Stewart’s comedy canal that they cannot see they are the ones being RIPPED-OFF by a bunch of Washington DC fatcat looting, pillaging and plundering America.

Looks like Stewart himself is getting a little fed up with Obama:

Mike Pence,when Charles Krauthmammer’s Big Spending Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress from 2000-2006 how much did these Big Spending Republicans cut?

Further; when Charles Kruthmammer’s Big Spending Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress from 2000-2006 how many Fiscal Conservative voters stopped voting Republican and started voting for all the ‘Fiscally Conservative Democrats’ who ran against Big Spending Republicans in 2006?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over while expecting different results.

    JayDick in reply to syn. | July 28, 2011 at 6:52 am

    From 2000 to 2006, we had a really big spending Republican in the White House. The Republicans in congress then were also very different than the Republicans in congress now, although there are some holdover. Because of Tea Party influence, Republicans are becoming much more conservative on spending.

    So, a Republican House, Senate, and White House in 2013 would be much different than before. Even if you are not convinced of that, Republican control of the government would be far better than Democratic control or even a split government.

“Looks like Stewart himself is getting a little fed up with Obama”

So what, at the end of this game the losers still remain Jon Stewart’s audience full of idiots yaking it up on their suckers-are-for-stupid.

And laugh and jelly-your-bellies while you can Stewart suckers, at the end of this game you are the butt of all jokes.

    janitor in reply to syn. | July 27, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Unfortunately, his audience, those “losers” and “suckers”, as you say, do include the children of many of us who are in colleges getting propagandized. I take no pleasure at the prospect of “told-you-so”.

Yeah, do we want to get shot on the right side of the head or the left? The right side is the lesser of two evils. I wouldn’t call Pence a RINO, I would call him a spineless fraud and for whom I have now lost all respect.

I really don’t care which Republican steps up to argue election politics as the defense for either one of these virtually identical suicidal plans. We are looking for solutions. And we have run out of time.

Last November, these same poindexters compromised on the budget when they drew the line at $100B of spending cuts which they unilaterally reduced to $62-63B and then surrendered in full retreat at about $31B which worked out to be about $250M of cuts. And now they are folding again with the Tea Party on fire behind them. They could embrace the solution but they choose to present a show of solidarity with the corrupt establishment. So be it.

If these clowns can’t work out a solution in a non-election year even as the abyss is beckoning, what hope is there that they will work one out next year or 2013 when it will be too late? These guys? Seriously? Fight now!!!!

They told us last November that they had to get past the lower priority 2011 budget fight to focus on the REAL upcoming battle over the debt ceiling. So here we are and AGAIN it’s the wrong time to fight.

We are witnessing one of the more glaring kabuki failures in history as one “conservative” after another throws his dubious reputation onto the funeral pyre as if his will be the reputation that will put the deal over the top. What fools!

These two deals are virtually identical. Nothing real gets cuts, just gimmicks. It’s all rhetoric around extending D-Day to next January or to January 2013. That is not a choice. The real fight is not over which poison we are willing to accept in committing suicide but that some of us, Tea Party conservatives, don’t want to commit suicide at all! We didn’t elect these clowns to produce a deal but a solution.

There is NO argument that can be made defending this kabuki. The Tea Party put these clowns back in control of the House and got nothing but a kick in the teeth for it.

I say shut down the government if that is the only option to economic suicide. Let’s call not only Obama’s bluff but the bluff being played by the entire one-party establishment. And if there are other Pences on the sidelines who also want to commit political suicide, come on out so we may finally know who ALL of our enemies are.

We are at the end game. This bodes very poorly for incumbents next year, especially these corrupt Republicans who will never ever get it.

We’ll have to agree to disagree but not only did Mike Pence support amnesty for illegal aliens he offered his own bill which was as bad or worse than any of the others…

No matter how good he may be on every other issue his judgment will always be suspect to me due to this one horrendous lapse.

And knowing just how venal and base his attempt to push this amnesty was should at least give conservatives pause.

PrincetonAl | July 27, 2011 at 6:14 pm

I’m still not buying what Boehner is selling. I hope they kill the Super Congress garbage. But this debate seems to be over.

So we win the elections in 2013 (hypothetical, here, lot of work to do we all agree), anyone of the fancy pants analysts telling me this is a best possible deal taking a hard cash bet with me on whether spending is rolled back to pre-2008 levels?

If not, then that answers everything, doesn’t it?

Even when the “big spending” Republican’s were in control, spending increases were at a sustainable pace, the budget was balancing until the financial collapse. Those same Republicans so many here seem to despise are some of the biggest Paul Ryan supporters I know, the same Paul Ryan who has the most-likely-to-pass solution for getting us out of the long term entitlement mess.