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Just say NOPE

Just say NOPE

Sent by reader Karl who snapped the photo in Rochester Hills, MI, and who writes:

I’m a long-time reader but I haven’t registered for comments or anything; however, I was behind this bumper sticker and didn’t recall ever seeing it on your list before. Thought you might appreciate the red lights (and the bumper sticker, too).

Warms my heart, again.


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Way to go, Karl!! Another ‘frustrated’ member of the ‘silent majority’.

can someone give me a helping hand, can’t make it out.

KM from Detroit | July 13, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Photo shooter here. Yes, I finally registered.

The sticker on the left (taken with my crappy iPhone camera) is the important one. It says “NOPE: Keep the Change.”

The right-hand (peeling) sticker says “Re-elect NO ONE 2010” with both the donkey and the elephant in your standard “NO” symbols.