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I hate when bumper stickers make me do work

I hate when bumper stickers make me do work

The final shot from my trip to San Francisco has a number of stickers which are not obvious.

The trite “when fascism comes to America …” speaks for itself.  But the two on either side of the license plate?  Those apparently are related to a group called the Dresden Dolls.  (Images here and here.)

And what’s with the hatred of Texas Oil?  Well, that related to California Prop. 23, an attempt to roll back California’s global warming legislation.  The ballot initiative was funded by two Texas oil companies (hence the “Texas Oil” on the bumper sticker), but the opponents rasied three times as much money and defeated the initiative.   Texas Oil haters celebrated.

Quite a long explanation for some lousy bumper stickers.


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Punk cabaret?

Well, hell, Bubba, this Texan, for one, would be more than happy to help them out. Just stop sending any Texas oil to California, and that includes the refined gasoline that is refined in Texas because the greenweenies in California don’t want one of those nasty refinerines in their state. Then maybe the person driving that car could trade their four wheels in for two.

But Californians seems to think they are sooooo special. I remember when Gray Davis was governor out there and they didn’t want to create their own electricty so the bought electricity from Texas. Only they didn’t pay their bills, so after stiffing Texas more than once, Texas told Loonafornia “pay up or no more electricity”. Little Grey Davis got his feelings hurt and tried to make D.C. force Texas to give them more and more electricity even though California could not pay for it. Texas held fast, refused to cave to D.C. and wholla! California found some cash.

So I am on board. No gas/oil to California.

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I am a Californian who spent a lot of time on the YES on 23 campaign. I hope the owner of that sticker enjoys both the higher gas prices and higher taxes that are going to result as part of his/her vote. Myself? I hope to move to Texas, which seems to be a state that appreciates wealth creation.

PS. The vote was actually fairly close, a miracle considering how much we were outspent and how little assistance we got outside of those “two evil” Texas companies. Recognizing how much grassroots efforts have evolved and can be effective in this state gives my Tea Party friends inspiration to carry on.

It was written by my state legislator, I live in one of the few conservative areas of CA. An excellent proposition, but . . . Maybe I should move to Texas

theduchessofkitty | July 23, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Mutnodjmet & SPS,

Then, what are you waiting for? We need people like you over here. There are enough nutsos from CA in Central TX: we need to outnumber them over there!

I’m also of the camp of not sending to them any TX oil. Let them power up their vehicles with raw sewage – as if I care.