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California Redistricting

California Redistricting

I’ve posted before about nationwide redistricting gains by Republicans including in North Carolina.

When you hear Democrats gripe how unfair this is, keep in mind California, where Democrats are likely to gain seats:

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission approved new district lines Friday, setting off what is expected to be more competitive Congressional races than the state has seen in decades.

The final draft of the new Congressional map shuffles the delegation’s lineup by moving incumbents into new districts and, in at least three cases, forcing Members to run against each other.

Republicans feel the map has improved for them since the first draft was released June 10, but Democrats stand to pick up two to four seats under the new map, with some experienced Democratic analysts predicting that gains of five to six seats are possible.


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One problem is that a lot of Republicans and conservatives have left this state over the last 20 years, so we start from a deep demographic hole. The other is that the Commission was effectively hijacked by the Democrats, who hired a map-drawing company with very little experience. Flash Report, which focuses on California politics, has had some trenchant criticisms of the process. I still expect this to go to court or a special election.

With the new guerrilla primary system currently in play in California, I ask, why are we even thinking that the Republicans stand any chance of gaining or, for that matter, maintaining their current electoral positions?

Yes, fighting for what you believe in is the right thing to do, but when the opposition is all powerful and stacks the deck against you in the manner that the Dems have successfully done in California, I am surprised more conservatives haven’t left the state. IMHO, California is a lost cause for conservatives and any money spent by any national Republican organization is a wasteful expenditure of precious resources. Sorry California Republicans, it is going to take a miracle for you to survive, much less thrive in your current political enviroment. Good Luck!

You can always be sure that anything that is described as ‘non-partisan’ or ‘bi-partisan’ will ALWAYS heavily favor the left.