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Yeah, pretty much

Yeah, pretty much

Mark Halperin confirmed my impression of Obama’s divisive, dismissive and demeaning performance at his press conference yesterday:

The interesting thing for me is not that Halperin thought it, but that he said it thinking it would not make it to the airwaves. Compare such a frank assessment to how Scarborough initially tried to portray Obama merely as playing to the base.

Obama did more than play to the base. His attitude was true to his 2008 campaign and the entirety of his presidency.

Halperin has been suspended by MSNBC “indefinitely.” But Obama, who falsely accused Republicans of wanting to sacrifice children, the elderly, and sick people for the benefit corporate jet owners, still is in office.

Go figure.


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We’re going to see a lot (a lot) more of this type of thing. People are testing the waters on bashing BO, people on the left that is. This is just one more incident in a growing line of them. BO’s in big big trouble (and no, Halperin would not have been suspended for calling President Bush that, but this is still very noteworthy given the fawning, leg-tingling we have become accustomed to). The flood gates are being stress-tested and will burst, and when they do, BO better run for cover. Fast.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 30, 2011 at 1:19 pm

I think the Rightosphere ought to be calling for Halperin’s immediate reinstatement. Since when is speaking one’s mind crudely on MSNBC a firing offense? Hello?

They put up with Ogremann spewing hate for years and years, but now MSNHC is worried about reputational damage from one guy speaking honestly but crudely — and he issued an immediate apology? I understand the new owners of NBC Universal, Comcast, want to clean up the cesspool that MSNBC has become, but this seems extreme to me.

I think the Right could score a PR coupe if they demand he be re-instated, based on free speech principles, and Comcast backs down.

That was an insult to dicks

Dick Durbin? Everyone calls him Dick Suspend them all, “indefinitely” I say..

John Scotus | July 1, 2011 at 4:22 am

“Richard” Nixon? Actually, comparing Obama to Tricky Dick would be kind of a compliment. I can’t see why this caused a problem.

Halperin revealed a dirty little secret. The lefty comic-punditry do not think any more highly of Barack Hussein Obama than do rest of the country. But, they don’t want us to know that, because for better or worse he is “their guy”.

Halperin thought his characterization would be bleeped, and the three of them could have a private giggle.

When I lived in Chicago, I saw a poster displayed in a downtown shop window. It said, “Dick Nixon, before he dicks you.”