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Saturday Night Card Game (Saggingpantsophobia)

Saturday Night Card Game (Saggingpantsophobia)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Some guy apparently was permitted by US Airways to board a plane wearing almost only women’s underwear (image here, put down uncovered drinks before viewing).

I’m not sure on what basis US Airways could have stopped him, and TSA probably loved it, almost nothing between a rubber-gloved hand and flesh.

But, US Airways apparently forced some other guy to pull up his “sagging pants” before boarding a plane.

That has the San Francisco NAACP in an uproar because Mr. Women’s Underwear was white whereas Mr. Sagging Pants was black, NAACP leader sees racism in sagging-pants saga:

The leader of the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP said Friday that US Airways engaged in discriminatory conduct by requiring an African American passenger to pull up his pants before boarding a plane, but allowing a white man to board another flight wearing little but women’s undergarments.

The Rev. Amos Brown said the group’s national leaders would contact airline officials to suggest sensitivity training for executives and ask them to “atone, repent and show their wrongness is understood.”

“The NAACP, in no uncertain terms, contends that this young man was profiled,” Brown said in reference to Deshon Marman, the 20-year-old passenger who was asked to lift up his pants by an employee before he boarded a June 15 flight at San Francisco International Airport. “He’s been a victim of racial injustice, and US Air owes to him and his mother an apology.”

I don’t think there was any racial discrimination going on here.

Rather, Mr. Women’s Underwear was protected by anti-discrimination laws protecting cross-dressers, while there is no law protecting the right to wear saggy pants.  Cross-dressers got lawyers, sagging pants people do not.

In Britain, wearing saggy pants is considered a human right, but not on our side of the pond.

In America, men can wear womens’ underwear in public, but not saggy pants.  Love it or leave it.


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Guess the professional victims choose to ignore that it’s a heck of a lot easier to hide weapons and other contraband in saggy pants.

(BTW, sharing to Facebook is not working correctly. I’ve managed by using the ShareThis Firefox plugin.)

From my reading of the original story I got the impression Mr. Baggy Pants ended up failing the “attitude test”, and that’s what set that whole thing off. Mr. Peek-a-boo top seems to be a pleasant fellow with whom to engage in conversation, so on board he goes.

There’s a lesson in life, here, that many people are too proud or too stubborn to learn. When publicly dealing with an entity’s employees, control your emotions and speak with civility. Take it from a retired state bureaucrat who resolved disputes for a living, speaking softly saves money.

Cowboy Curtis | June 25, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Do you ever get the feeling that if our forbears, who fought and died to create and secure this great land, would simply throw down their arms and go home if they’d only gotten a glimpse of what we’ve become?

Not me. I think of the soldiers at Valley Forge and am certain they’d look at Old Panty Guy and Ass Hangin’ Out Dude and say, “You know what? This starving and bleeding stuff is totally worth it.” But that’s just me.

Pasadena Phil | June 25, 2011 at 8:27 pm

The very reason gangbangers adopted baggysaggypants was because it allows them to hide their weapons. Not that this should be an issue when boarding an airplane. After all, black men NEVER commit crimes.

Glad to see the Saturday Night Card Game is still a part of your Saturday posts. Always looked forward to it.

Pasadena Phil, I’ve always heard that the “style” comes from prisons, where belts, etc. are confiscated to prevent their use as weapons or for self-injury.


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Neither one broke the law, just one of them copped an attitude, and he’s the one that didn’t fly. It’s not hard to figure out why!
The pant think started in the Ca. prisons, one-size-fits all, and no belts for security.

Couldn’t help it, first thought on seeing this was a tune by another Lawyer “Loose Bruce” Kerr, singing “Naked Airlines”.

Gotta admit, that’s one cure for saggy pants…

Excuse me, but how can you at the same time 1) require people to remove their belts to go through security, and 2) not allow them to board with saggy pants? It seems to me we have a contradiction here. (One doesn’t always have time to fix oneself between security and the line for boarding; and the security experience is improved for everybody if people come prepared, which can include not wearing belts that will have to be removed.)

That does it! With convoluted thinking like that, @ Milhouse has got to be a lawyer.

Phil you are incorrect. sagging pants originated in prison to indicate that they were someone’s “bitch”, and were therefore both under their protection as well as their sexual property and were available to receive anal sodomy literally at the drop of their pants. They wrote their “owner’s” names on the waistband to denote who’s property they were. Gang bangers on the outside started doing it to imply that they had been or were prepared to go to prison and “take it like a man”, over time the original sexual overtones were downplayed/lost, at least on the outside.