I was waiting for this ruling, because I could not stand living in a world where it was illegal to wear baggy pants so low that your ass showed.

From Britain, our window into the future where underpants get to see the light of day (emphasis mine):

In a victory for skaters, hoodies and owners of oversized trousers everywhere, a teenager has won the right to wear his tracksuit bottoms halfway down his backside.

Ellis Drummond, 18, faced an antisocial behaviour order (ASBO) that included a ban on “wearing trousers so low beneath the waistline that members of the public are able to see his underwear”. It also prohibited him from wearing in public any clothing “with the hood up”.

But the bans were withdrawn after a discussion before a hearing at Bedford Magistrates’ Court on April 27, in which District Judge Nicholas Leigh-Smith said: “Some of the requirements proposed struck me as contrary to the Human Rights Act.”

Please take note of the wonderful acronym “ASBO”. That aside, I have to agree with the ruling because banning low baggy pants is racist, and inevitably sets youth on the path to criminality:

We tend to criminalize that which we don’t understand, and we tend to make laws that increase contact between police and inner-city youth. Laws like this start the cycle that sucks too many people into a criminal justice system they don’t need.

The following chart is courtesy of the Flint, Michigan police department. You have been warned, so move to Britain:

Does this mean we have to boycott Flint? Would anyone notice if we did?

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