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Politico’s Thinly Thought Out Hit Piece On Bachmann

Politico’s Thinly Thought Out Hit Piece On Bachmann

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this, because it’s Ed Rollins’ job, but the blatent bias of Politico’s article, Michele Bachmann’s thin legislative resume, requires pointing out Politico’s thinly thought-out attack.

Here is the money line on page one of the Politico article:

Now in her third House term, Bachmann has never had a bill or resolution she’s sponsored signed into law, and she’s never wielded a committee gavel, either at the full or subcommittee level. Bachmann’s amendments and bills have rarely been considered by any committee, even with the House under GOP control.

Let’s do something Politico didn’t do, think this out. 

For the first 4 years Bachmann was in the House, the House was controlled by Democrats and Nancy Pelosi didn’t allow Republicans to do much of anything other than protest.   It’s not until later in the article, off the home page, that Politico notes:

“Bachmann won a seat in Congress in 2006, becoming the first Republican woman elected to the House from Minnesota. Bachmann was sworn into office in January 2007, just as the new Democratic House majority under then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi came into power. “

And for two of those first four years, Obama was President.  So is it really so surprising that Bachmann “has never had a bill or resolution she’s sponsored signed into law”?  Should she have co-sponsored Obamacare, or Stimulus? 

Once again, Politico is forced to admit the thinness of its headline and page one money line, but not until later in the article:

Since coming to the House, Bachmann has been the lead sponsor on 40 bills and resolutions, as well as several amendments. She has also co-sponsored hundreds of other bills, and along with Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a close friend, she has been active on the floor in skewering Obama and the Democrats.

As to the comment about Bachmann not achieving success “even with the House under GOP control,” that would be all of 5 months, right?

This article signifies so much of what has gone wrong at Politico.  The headline is catchy and will result in traffic, and the page one money line is inflammatory against a rising Republican candidate.  But the story is thinly thought out, and the facts which contradict the headline are not revealed until later pages.



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Pathetico? I like that! Fits right in with JournOlist! What a bunch of prizes have arisen from our schools of journalism in recent years. Like since 1963 or so.

Juba Doobai! | June 28, 2011 at 10:31 am

Yeah, pathetic. Now, let’s see if Bachmann can’t take 1/60th of what’s been dished out to Palin. Stephanopolous told Bachmann the LSM will be going after her 23 foster kids. As anybody who’s had foster kids knows, some of them have serious issues and will screw you over if they can.

Maybe someone will dig up politico’s comments on Obama’s record when he first ran in 2008.

Shall we compare Bachmann’s personal record with Obama? Let’s see, Obama has a law degree but Bachmann has a L.L.M., which our good professor can tell you is a Masters of Law and Letters, and few lawyers reach that level of education. Obama worked as a community organizer for two years, Bachmann worked for the IRS for five years. Obama did work a short time for a Chicago law firm where he represented a now convicted felon, Tony Rezko, and a member of ACORN in a mortgage law suit based on a erronous report from the Boston Fed that dealt with “redlining”.

What memorable legislation did Obama write and get passed? Oh, wait, the answer is ZERO. Can anyone remember Politico pointing that out in the last campaign season? Me, either.

Add to all of this Chris Wallace asking Bachmann if she is a “flake”. Wonder if Wallace will ever ask Obama if he is a Socialist.

Pathetico was deleted from my reading list last year simply because time is too short to waste on crapola. I appreciate others keeping eyes on ’em, but they’re like spoiled little boys (and girls) who pout when they can’t promote “the narrative”.

Juba, Bachmann and her husband were certified by the state to take in girls with eating disorders. They literally helped save those girl’s lives. If the Obamapress goes after her foster children, the Obama kids are fair game.

The bottom line is that the lamestream media knows what is at risk. They are facing their first truely socialist president being a one-term wonder.

Juba Doobai! | June 28, 2011 at 11:35 am

retire05, you miss my point. Foster kids can and do lay false charges against foster parents, even the ones who are helping them. I have a great deal of respect for what Bachmann did with those kids. All I’m saying is that I expect the LSM to come up with something if only because one of the kids lied.

Just a thought. Considering Bachman and Palin their devotion to children is honorable, humbling and admirable. Now why would anyone, media or blogger, ever take the time to denigrate these two on this point? Shame is a wonderful check on society. We should, as citizens and people, hold anyone who denigrates these two through their children up for shame.

Here’s Joe Biden, after the Iowa primary on Obama’s legislative record: “Barack Obama hasn’t passed any.”

Of course, Obama was in the Senate less than a hundred days before launching his presidential campain – more than a year and a half before the election.

Unfortunately, Karensky, they have no shame.

She’ being Alinskied. Pollutico, part of the JourNolist cabal, makes that their speciality. They do a great job, in the guise of journalism, of slipping in the knife.

I wholly endorse this post and the supportive comments, especially Karensky’s comment on the honourable work of raising children. BUT…

watching Mrs Bachmann’s inrterview with George Stephaanopoulos –
– is painful. It’s not just that her answers were robotic, or even that her answers were wrong. It’s that her answers were dishonest and unintelligent.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve noticed these negatives before in an otherwise admirable lady.

Oh, I see. So now we’re supposed to pay attention to the legislative resume of presidential candidates.

Got it.

It’s getting harder and harder for me to accept that sexism isn’t at play here to some degree. The liberal media beleive they hold the moral highground on discriminitory behaviour and therefore have the right to trash these two women…because it feeds the bloodlust of the liberal base and because these women have decided to not beleive what the liberal media have told them to beleive for the last 40 years. In other words they had the nerve to leave the progressive feminist hive mind.

But at least Politico has acknowledged (by how they structured their article and placing all the evidence that directly disputes the premise of the article at the end) that most of their readers are the “scratch-the-surface” kind of morons that are just informed enough to be dangerous. They are the type of reader who takes a headline at face value, reads the first two paragraphs to digest the red meat talking points that support the headline and then goes about making an ignorant twit of themselves because they desperatly WANT the headline to be true.

Lets be honest, it feeds the bloodlust of too many so called conservatives too…Ed, you tool, are you listening?

Excellent points. Politico is increasingly in final decaying orbit around Terminal Hackery

“If the Obamapress goes after her foster children, the Obama kids are fair game.”

When dealing with anal orifices you have to fight at that level. It’s a shame to come to that level, but the people who can avoid it are in the MSM.

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Sorry, but I lost all respect for Bachmann. We needed her in the House. Bachmann was where she was supposed to be fighting the good fight for the Tea party agenda.
She doesn’t have any executive experience. Her ego got the best of her. How can we win this war with politicians who are still into their egos and their own agenda?
Millions of Tea party citizens put their life on hold to fight. They took precious time away from their families for what? So an opportunist politician who never even was a mayor let alone a governor could run for POTUS. She’s despicable. She wants the corner office without paying her dues. I’m over her.
We desperately need a real proven reformer nothing less will do. We are approaching the cliff and Bachmann doesn’t care. It’s all me, me, me with her. The Tea Party isn’t concerned with me. They are concerned with the nation. What the Tea Party is doing is totally unselfish. Bachmann, not so much.
She couldn’t even win her own state.

alwaysfiredup | July 1, 2011 at 5:17 am

You should have held out. Bachmann’s a sleazy politician just like every other waste of space the GOP has put forward over the years. Her gender doesn’t cause her to need your defense. Let her get hit, and see if she stands or falls.