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Don’t Pile On Newt

Don’t Pile On Newt

Newt’s campaign has its troubles.

But there’s no reason to pile on Newt because of the Tiffany’s credit line story.  That’s just how the media does it; what difference does it make how he spends his money as long as it’s legal, nothing that touches on character, and he pays his bills?

Prying into irrelevant personal details of Republican candidates’ lives is not unique to Newt.  It’s the Palinization of the media approach to Republican candidates.

No matter who the Republican candidate is, that person will be portrayed with some variation of the treatment of Palin.  It’s why it so disgusts me when people who are on “our side” play that game against each other.

What goes around comes around.


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Speaking of Palin, here is a post I prepared today — DEMOCRAT EMAIL SUPPORT OF PALIN: You have carved your name into AK history!

The above contains my analysis of Palin’s emails for Democrats who supported her efforts as Governor. There were many. The most heartening aspect of preparing this post was how kind my fellow Democrats could be, and how appreciative they were of solid leadership and honest governance — regardless of party. I would like this post to be a reference for counter-arguments to the false assertion “Democrats won’t vote for Palin”. Yes they will — here is the proof.

I also have a note about the Democratic CA State Controller, who docked our legislator’s pay for turning in a false and horrendous budget. I would like to encourage my fellow Californians to send him a few kind words, too.

No need to pile on Newt, he’s already a steaming pile waiting to be shoveled onto the geraniums.


Please, just stop. It’s getting painful watching you melt like the wicked witch of the west only slower.

Outstanding. That point definitely needs to be made. I was disheartened when John Ensign, a pretty solid conservative, was driven from office in Nevada. They’ll keep coming for our guys for as long as this ploy of personal destruction works.

Odd that Newt’s credit line at Tiffanys would even be a story when none of the MFM dares touch on the amount of money that Michelle Antoinette Obama spends on clothing. Or is the media only interested in the cost of a First Lady’s clothing when that First Lady is a Republican.

But then, I guess Newt’s personal affairs are much more important that Obama’s college records, his voting record while in the Illinois senate or even his Illinois senate records (which he claims he did not save) or the fact that we have a dead Border Patrol agent due to “Fast and Furious”, a program put into place by the Obama administration.

Yeah, dead BP agents, not so important. Newt’s Tiffany credit line, upmost importance. Got it.

I agree the credit line bit is ridiculous. As a candidate, Gingrich has major flaws, including I believe his poor leadership as Speaker of the House.

“It’s why it so disgusts me when people who are on ‘our side’ play that game against each other.”

I agree, and I would also add I get tired of “our side” claiming a candidate (such as Sarah Palin) is unelectable simply because a perceived expert on TV said so. Real reasons are rarely given, and based on the logic behind these pundits, how can one successfully argue any candidate is electable?

I completely disagree. When someone is that infatuated with a total ditz of a trophy wife and is spending that kind of money on jewelry – and then telling everyone how the country should be run, people should take note.

If you’ve ever purchased jewelry in that price range, you know it takes a lot of time to consider the color, clarity, and other details of all the stones and the details of the gold settings, getting it ensured, storing it in a safe place, and so on.

We just have NOT been well served by people that are infatuated with the trappings of their own financial success – to that extent – so far.

Take note, the paradigm is changing. We want the elites OUT. We want people that are infatuated with their jewelry and their real estate, OUT. We want people that have derived excessive benefit from their public service OUT.

The public is more engaged in the political process now more then ever. This is the essence of the new paradigm. We want people in office henceforth that are of the people. That’s why Sarah Palin has such strong appeal. That’s why Obama is going down. That’s why Newt will never get any traction in his campaign after this.

This is just the way it is and it is going to be this way for the forseeable future when it comes to our Republican candidates. We are just going to have to have a little duck in us and let this stuff roll off our backs like water. I know, easier said than done.

Pasadena Phil | June 22, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Newt has no business running and is not serious. This is just a way to get funding for his vacation travel while he boosts his speaking fees and promotes his books. If he were in it to win, he would be working hard. If he can’t convince his staff that he is seriously running, why should anyone else believe it?

Ah, excuse me Pasadena Phil, but just who the heck are you to say that Newt has no business running? Does he in some way not meet Constitutional requirements to be president? Or do you just object to Newt because he (and I) think how he spends his money is none of your damn business?

Now, perhaps you can tell us how many campaigns you have run since you seem such an expert or how you know that he is using campaign funds for a vacation?

Frankly, I would perfer Newt get his vacationing out of his system PRIOR to moving into the White House, unlike the current POTUS who waited until he did.

common tater | June 22, 2011 at 4:19 pm

Is it the politics of personal destruction to say Newt just doesn’t have the neck for this sort of bling?

[Are there comment Preview and Edit functions somewhere around here, or have i lost them along with everything else under the pile of papers on my desk?]

Pasadena Phil | June 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm

retire05 said: “Ah, excuse me Pasadena Phil, but just who the heck are you to say that Newt has no business running?”

Excuse me? And who are you? Is there a different 1st Amendment that applies to you but not to me?

Oh, Phil, you have the First Amendment right to say what you want but I also have the First Amendment right to tell you that you are out of line by sticking your nose in someone’s personal affairs. If you don’t like that, cease being a judgemental ass.

One question, Phil; when was the last time you flew on a commercial airliner?

Kerrvillian | June 22, 2011 at 7:31 pm

I don’t talk Newt down. I don’t support him for President but there are a lot of candidates I don’t support.

My time is better spent giving support where I do want it to go. Why spend time on the negative?

What is an “irrelevant personal detail?” Lots of people would claim that marital infidelity is irrelevant. There certainly are people who would contend strongly that John Kerry’s choice of water sports is such a detail. Or how about John Edward’s seeming obsession with his hair early in his campaign?

It has been said at least since 1984 when Gary Hart was nailed by reporters while cuddling with a woman not his wife that people who run for high office had better be prepared for everything they do and have ever done to be revealed and scrutinized — because it will be.

I for one think this is just fine. The more we know about the people to whom we would give great power, the better. The half million dollar credit line for expensive baubles may not be a big deal by itself but not every wealthy man showers his wife with gifts of this sort, and not every would-be President has a third wife who wants to run his campaign. Betcha you won’t find any Founding Fathers in that category.

Anyway, stuff like this will out and there is no use whining about it.

The reporting is typically not specific. The implication is that Newt has $500k in debt. But, all they say is that he has a 1/2 mil line of credit. Not the same thing. I imagine that a lot of well heeled celebrities are given a big line of credit as soon as they walk in the store. Just like we all get credit card offers in the mail. I have multiple credit cards; most of them have never been used and never will be.

So, as is so often the case, everyone gets their panties in a wad over stuff they don’t even know is accurate.