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Remember When Bush Said It No Longer Was Necessary To Kill bin Laden?

Remember When Bush Said It No Longer Was Necessary To Kill bin Laden?

George Bush’s supposed walk-away from the hunt for bin Laden has been all over the news, in the blogosphere, and even in the comments here.

Everyone points to this video, six months after 9/11.

I have pointed out that the video is overstated, because at the time Bush was not trying to raise expectations given that we did not know where bin Laden was, or even if he was alive.  Nonetheless, the record is clear that the U.S. never gave up the hunt for bin Laden, and in fact pressed very heavily to find him resulting in key intelligence which led to bin Laden.

Considering how people are contrasting Obama’s aggressive policy with that of Bush, I wonder why the mainstream media did not bring up this statement:

 ‘My preference obviously would be to capture or kill him,’ he said.

‘But if we have so tightened his noose that he’s in a cave somewhere and can’t even communicate with his operatives then we will meet our goal of protecting America.

‘I think that we have to so weaken (his) infrastructure that, whether he is technically alive or not, he is so pinned down that he cannot function.

‘I’m confident that we can keep them on the run and ensure that they cannot train terrorists to attack our homeland.

After all, such a statement would signal not an attempt to keep expectations in check, but a lack of desire to get bin Laden.

When will the mainstream media start doing its job, and stop leaving it to the blogosphere to dig up the evidence?

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If Obama and his band of thugs believe they can win 2012 by comparing Obama to Bush, they haven't been paying very close attention. It may have worked in '08, however, now that the electorate has Obama's disaster of a first term to hold up in a relative light, the Bush bashing is a weak strategy.

"When will the mainstream media start doing its job"

You're confused. The job of the mainstream media is to promote Liberal policies and important Liberal people such as Barak Obama. They work very very hard at that job.

I just don't see your point.

@irvingprime and others, click on the link to the "statement," then you'll get it.

I wonder if it is possible that the Bush administration might also have been making a public statement in which they hoped to cause Bin Laden to relax his vigilance and make himself easier to find.

Police departments often claim publicly to have no leads to solve a crime when they in fact have plenty of leads, for the purpose of getting a suspect they have not identified to relax and make a mistake.

Prof. Jacobson – good link – I had not clicked on "statement" and assumed that the quote was from Bush. The fact that Obama said almost the same thing as Bush, just 2 years ago is your point. However, irvingpride's statement still holds – the media forget things like Obama's statement in order fulfill their other duties – promoting liberal policies and people. Keep keeping them in check!

Good catch, professor, but to get back to your question: "When will the mainstream media start doing its job,….[?]" Not in our lifetimes, apparently. irvingprime is spot on about that.