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Next Time Use Code Name “Dubya”

Next Time Use Code Name “Dubya”

That’ll keep ’em happy.  Really:

The Senate Indian Affairs committee will hold a hearing Thursday on racist Native American stereotypes, a hearing that will now also address the Osama bin Laden mission and the code-name Geronimo.

While the hearing was scheduled before the mission, a committee aide today said the linking of the name Geronimo with the world’s most wanted man is “inappropriate” and can have a “devastating” impact on kids.

No, really:

“So when does Seal Unit 6, or whatever it’s called, drop in on George Bush? Bush was responsible for a lot more death, innocent death, than bin Laden. Wasn’t he, or am I wrong here?,” Liberal radio talk show host Mike Malloy said on his show Monday evening.

In case code name Dubya doesn’t work for ya, try code names Koch WhoreCaribou Barbi, or Fox Head.

You won’t get any complaints from the media or Senate about those.

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Love that new tone.

Sheesh. More "racers." They are everywhere – everywhere!

Can you imagine how angry the left would have been if his codename had been "Marx"?

sort of runic rhyme | May 4, 2011 at 8:36 pm

So Sioux someone unless you're afraid of eating Crow, Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

The renown Apache leaders' name you're thinking of was actually "Goyaałé." Sanctifying White Man's bastardization of it should be beneath you.

While you're about it, "Indian"?

sort of runic rhyme | May 4, 2011 at 8:42 pm


My editor is so fired, but I'll save no money.

WWhenever they open their mouths they show how little they know of the military and its customs. Yelling "Geronimo" is what paratroopers do when they jump out of a plane and they have done so since 1940. It is about demonstrating courage and warrior spirit and is not "inappropriate" or "devastating."

Shouldn't the Army have to rename all its helicopters? After all it was a Blackhawk that crashed, think of how devastating it must be to the Blackhawk nation to know one of its namesake was left behind.

The geronimo thing is silly. Code names are supposed to have nothing to do with the thing being referenced so there's no reason for any offense to be taken.

"In case code name Dubya doesn't work for ya, try code names Koch Whore, Caribou Barbi, or Fox Head."

This is more serious than one is perhaps willing to admit. The substrate of chaos invention that controls the White House and DOJ has long and loudly called for the killing of GWB, DC and a laundry list of their administration's functionaries. Members of that substrate and also its superstructure are very serious about that. Watch Senate now pursue, with Holder champing at the bit to indict them and put as many as possible in line for execution or at least life imprisonment.

Holder etc. are very serious about this. It's not political. It's ideological and harkens to the 2000 election, which they believe was "stolen." and also to their violent racism.

The White House/DOJ voter base (over half the voting-qualified population, though not necessarily over half the voting population — and most not paying taxes) has extraordinary blood lust for GWB and DC specifically but also for their appointees. These are the marketed majority of the nation, those unable and unwilling to maintain her.

With UBL out of the way, the lusters are focusing on eliminating Bush, etc. The LSM is amplifying their demands to a national agenda. It's a very serious blood lust going on and I'm sure the targets know it. Far from a trivial matter.

*yawn* I am completely over the hurt feelings crowd who apparently have nothing better to do than search high and low for reasons to be offended. It's boring, it's trite, it's waaaay over the top.

If little Apache kids are "devastated" by this, I have to wonder how these whiny tykes are supposed live up to their fearsome warrior traditions.

'Yelling "Geronimo" is what paratroopers do when they jump out of a plane and they have done so since 1940.'

In my old unit, 509th, we were known as "Geronimos." No one actually yells it on a jump. You get up to the door, hand off your static line and take a long step out with another guy right behind you, so there's no time to yell much of anything.

And Mike Malloy joins the long list of Copperheads who personify why "He needed killin' " is still a valid defense to homicide.

About Geronimo: As a man of Hispanic origin, I'm appalled that a member of Native American tribe would take a Spanish name as his nom de guerre. Geronimo was a violent man, and I dislike his attempt to make us Latinos guilty by association.

As a Christian, I despise his usurpation of the name of one of the most revered saints in Christianity. Saint Gerome was not a killer like Geronimo was. He was a pacifist and a good man.

[For the clueless, the above is parody]