Gallup is out with a poll taken yesterday on the issue of who deserves credit for finding and killing Osama bin Laden.

The results are very telling.  Understandably, the U.S. military gets the most credit (89% Great Deal, 9% Moderate Amount), followed by the CIA (62/26).

Obama has been criticized for his egocentric speech Sunday night, but if that’s the case it didn’t work, as Obama’s numbers were only 35% Great Deal, 36% Moderate Amount.

And although Obama had nary a kind word to say about the Bush administration’s fight against bin Laden, the public still credits Bush 22% Great Deal, 30% Moderate Amount.  That’ not just Republicans, as 48% of Independents and even 40% of Democrats give Bush a combined Great Deal/Moderate Amount rating.
Bush’s numbers are pretty good considering that Bush has been out of office for over two years, and the mainstream media and Democrats relentlessly have pushed the false narrative that Bush was not trying to find bin Laden.

Imagine what the numbers would look like if they said something nice about Bush.

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