Barack Obama’s speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner last night was small and petty.  Watch it below, and compare it to similar appearances by George Bush.

Bush, who was under attack from the media, academia and the entertainment industry on a scale which makes the “birther” issue look like small potatoes, nonetheless conducted himself with grace and was mostly self-deprecating in his humor:

By contrast, Obama used his appearance as a chance, in a setting where he would be unchallenged, to take cheap shots at Donald Trump, Fox News and several Republicans in the audience.  The “jokes” were not funny, and Obama came across as unpresidential:

I’m no fan of Trump, but the conduct of Obama was abysmal. He has proven, once again, that he is temperamentally unfit to be President, he is unable to rise above his ego and his politics.

But the worst was reserved for Seth Meyers, the lead writer at Saturday Night Live who was the entertainment for the night.

This is how the entertainment industry will do it. Everything is about race, and anyone who criticizes Obama is racist.

Considering that Meyers is the lead writer for SNL, one can only imagine the fair and balanced treatment to be seen in SNL’s skits.

Last night marked the official beginning of Hollywood’s effort to re-elect Obama.

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