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“There will always be an England”

“There will always be an England”

Today it still seems possible:

I watched it and I loved it.

The flyover by WWII vintage bombers and fighter planes was a nice touch, recalling the memory of the song “There will always be an England.”

And I’ll use any excuse to run this audio:

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Oh! You watched it AND loved it. Yay! I was riveted (even a bit teary-eyed at one point), and yes, it does seem possible, today, that there will always be an England. I hope and pray so.

To be honest, I've never understood the fascination Americans have with the Royal family.

That being said, it was a bright spot filled with happiness and joy in an otherwise horrid week.

Happy wishes to the Newlyweds.

It did help me appreciate UK's royals – they connect us with the best cultural traditions of the western world. The ceremony was at the same time joyful, distinguished, and substantive. I was struck by its contrast with the clueless, superficial television commentary, which seemed unaware that the central event was a religious ceremony.

"There will always be an England"

Let's just hope it's not run by the Jihadi-boyz. My advice to Wills – upon assuming the throne, I would suggest you act as a true symbol of your nation, and rally the English to restore your culture and your tradition of democratic classical liberalism. Time to undo the foolishness of your predecessors and earn the keep of the monarchy.

I'm afraid that the romanticized England that inspires you is a thing of the past. I am bored to tears with the inescapable coverage of the pageantry around the world's penultimate welfare family of arrogant and ill-behaved mental midgets with bad teeth. Maybe adding a video of a speech by Prince Charles talking about global warming will sober everyone up. Or another tirade by SIR Elton John. Leave England to England. They deserve it.

Interestingly, the brothers were both in full dress military uniforms, without swords, which made it a military wedding with references to current conflicts.

William, a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, was wearing the famous tunic of an Irish Guards officer rather than his RAF uniform. He holds the honorary rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards and honored the regiment, the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, which is currently on operational deployment in Helmand province, Afghanistan, by walking down the aisle with his bride in the dashing scarlet uniform.

"Harry wore a Blues and Royals' officer's uniform in dismounted review order, with a forage cap. The prince wore aiguillettes, a cross belt and gold waist belt with sword slings, but no sword. He is a trainee Apache helicopter pilot and wore the 'wings' of the Army Air Corps and his Golden Jubilee and Afghanistan Campaign medals."

I have a fondness for the British royals because they're a living link to a very long, very storied history. Seeing the garbage pit Britain has become today, it's nice to be reminded that they were great once upon a time, and maybe, just maybe, they will be again.

I wish the couple all the best, and a long and happy life together.

Didn't anyone hear how unabashedly, unashamedly Christian the marriage ceremony was? Nary a random "token" "other" religion in sight (unlike at the "memorial" pep rally where the administration trotted out a Native American for a blessing even though the dead were all either Jewish or Christian).

That, alone, is a hopeful sign that the new generation of royals has no intention of bowing to Islamofascist or leftist pressure to be politically correct. Heck, they may even be able to turn the tide of anti-Christian sentiment sweeping the UK (and all of Europe).

I wish we could say, "There will always be a Winston Churchill."

The passing of the WWII generation veterans is not only sad–it's a bit scary.

@LukeHandCool: Churchill, indeed.

But I'd settle for another Margaret Thatcher in a heartbeat.

@viator I'm trying to understand why Prince Charles wears so much fruit salad on his uniform while William only wears one medal, even though he's been in a combat unit in a theatre of war. Is that because he wore the Irish Guard uniform? Does the Prince of Wales get to wear some medals just for being who he is?

I was up at 5 am EST watching the pomp and pageantry. Beautiful!! I watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding, and now their son William's. I wish the couple blessings and best wishes. This is a difficult time to live in a Western nation; to be royals is exponentially dangerous. I pray protection on them and their families.

To @Bill – Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, wears decorations awarded for several things, most of which are honors bestowed by the Queen, by his position, and for his prior activities. As the Prince of Wales, he has numerous duties which result in such honors.

To @Jeff – Hear, hear!!! I would love to see another Thatcher in Britain, as well as one on this side of the pond (another Reagan would also be super)!!

To @Fuzzy – the high Christian ceremony was full of meaning, and the message delivered by the Bishop of London was down-to-earth, meaningful, and charming; the verses read were so full of meaning, as well!

Cheers!!! To the William and Kate, the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge!

sort of runic rhyme | April 29, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Watching a little royal pomp and circumstance beats watching our current pompous and circumstantial head of state. May the new couple have a happy life together and lead by their example.

Other than Obama, who doesn't love the great mind, courage, and wry humility of "We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glow-worm" Churchill?

Good question Bill D., remember William is a (hon.) Colonel, Irish Guards, a fairly high officer. Many officers spend their careers and never reach colonel, but colonels, and their equivalents, get what in the US military is referred to as scrambled eggs, lot's of gold. I believe that badge on his chest is the Order of the Garter, or his knighthood, which makes him Sir William. Then there are his earned Air Force Wings, and an earned medal for participating in The Queen's Jubilee or graduating from Sandhurst.

Both brothers are trained military pilots. Harry has served in combat.

Sort of like the princes of the American elite

I married an Englishman. The Anglican wedding liturgy is, imo, the most beautiful of wedding ceremonies. The one of my wedding, my mother's wedding, my daughter's wedding. It is a poetic expression of uncompromising Christian faith. Few of us live up to it, but I would hate for it to be abandoned.

I confess I watched it, too, but only because it was on when I usually watch the news.
But it was magnificent. The gorgeous trees, contrasting with the coats of the soldiers. How many years have they worn similar uniforms?
The choir. OH, the choir!
The aerial shots of Westminster Abbey, considering how many weddings had happened there over the centuries.
Gosh. I was impressed.
But I see why Sarah Ferguson wasn't invited, considering her daughters looked like strumpets.
Just sayin.'

I kept thinking of the terrific genocidal massacres in Syria that the UN ignores and the terrible destruction in Tuscaloosa, which an old friend's house was spared, but several of his relatives are now staying at his digs because their homes are destroyed.

Then I watched William in his brilliant Irish Guards uniform and Kate, the coal-miner's great-granddaughte walk back down the aisle as a princess—there is still a place in the world for fairy tales. With happy endings, I hope.