This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Paul Daniels is a famous British magician, who among other things, performance a Crusher Illusion:

But it’s going to take some special magic for Daniels to win the Saturday Night Card Game tonight, because Daniels stands accused of racism for these two tweets he made a couple of days ago joking that the term “Brit” should not be used since “Paki” also was a derogatory term:

These seemingly innocuous tweets, questioning why one ethnic abbreviation is acceptable while the other is not, have landed Daniels in a controversy from which he will have trouble escaping.

As reported by The Telegraph, Paul Daniels accused of racism after ‘Paki’ tweet:

Daniels, 72, wrote on Twitter during the Brit Awards ceremony last week: “What’s this about ‘Brit’ awards? Surely not? Isn’t that like calling someone a ‘Paki’? Not PC dahlings.”

He quickly added: “Hey, all I am saying is that I don’t understand why one abbrev is OK and another isn’t. It’s all how you say it surely, not the ab itself.”

Sam Tarry, campaign organiser with the anti-racism group Searchlight, said: “The word ‘Paki’ is offensive and racist, it is not something that can be compared to the word ‘Brit’.

“It has been used not just to define people from Pakistan, but Asian people in general, and it has a long, nasty history. In the 1970s people used to talk about ‘Paki-bashing’.”

In response to someone who called him racist on Twitter, Daniels struggled to explain that merely mentioning the word “Paki” was not the same as using the word in a derogatory manner:

Daniels should have learned by now that logic and reasoning are no escape in this politically correct world.
In the future, when talking about that word which starts with “P” and ends in “i” and is considered an offensive ethnic slur by some, Daniels should use the phrase “the ‘P’ word.”

Wait, that will not work, “P” already is taken. [link content warning]

Uh-oh.  I knew this day would come.  We’ve run out of letters to substitute for bad words.

How do we get out of this one?

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