In the Washington Post today there was an article detailing Newt Gingrich’s “financial empire.” The prospective 2012-er has a lot of fundraising potential, sure, but I always found him to be a bit distasteful in the way that he goes about it. “[Some] American Solutions calls begin with slanted polling questions before proceeding to a request for money. The tactic, known as “fundraising under the guise of research,” or frugging, is discouraged as unethical by trade groups such as the Marketing Research Association.” He picks up on trends and adjusts accordingly. To Save America with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan? “Tripartisan” solutions? Dede Sc—… NY-23? I think Gingrich is a smart fellow, but I guess I just don’t trust the guy because he’ll make ton of money and a non-profit for nearly any hot issue he can commodify.

Of course, I knew this was WaPo when I noticed that they didn’t even mention the fellow who led the RNC during Newt’s summit to glory, Haley Barbour.

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