Florida Governor Rick Scott has rejected Stimulus funds for the beginnings of a high speed rail system in Florida, claiming the proposed rail system was unnecessary and wasteful. 

These stimulus funds were just a part of what the Obama administration hopes will be $53 billion on building a national high-speed rail network.

Before we spend $53 billion on high-speed rail, can we try to get low-speed rail to run on time?

Let’s start with the existing experiment with “high-speed” rail, the Acela Express between Boston and Washington, D.C.

And then hop aboard the Northeast Regional between Boston and Virginia Beach:

Followed by a transfer to the scenic Lake Shore Limited between New York and Chicago:

And move on to the City of New Orleans between New Orleans and Chicago:

There is something which seems to make the trains run on time, Cars:

Sounds like a plan, a nationwide network of autotrains.  And Early Bird Specials.

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