From The Hill comes a report that Michelle Obama’s failure to wait for her husband before leaving for vacation has cost the taxpayers $63,000, FLOTUS Chows At The Taxpayers’ Trough:

First lady Michelle Obama didn’t feel like waiting around cold, boring old Washington, D.C., for her husband and Congress to wrap up their work for the year. So she simply stuck the taxpayers with the $63,000 tab to start her Hawaiian vacation a bit early — just a few short months after the Spain vacation with her gal-pals that set us all back a pretty penny.

With her husband announcing a two-year pay freeze for federal employees as a way to save taxpayers a few precious dollars, it’s jaw-dropping that Michelle Obama could be so relentlessly politically tone-deaf. And insensitive. And even a tad bit selfish, spoiled and thoughtless, perhaps? I tend to cringe when folks gratuitously slam the first lady simply because they don’t like her husband’s policies, but this latest antic on the part of Michelle Obama really takes the cake. 

I disagree completely.  Why should the first family have to wait for the President?  And who cares if they wasted a few tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars?

It would be terribly unfair to expect the first family to sacrifice even a tiny bit for the nation, or to set an example for the rest of the federal government in pulling in the fiscal belt.

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