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Save This Tweet For Use In Political Emergency

Save This Tweet For Use In Political Emergency

Please bookmark this post and Tweetfor use in the next political emergency, when some criminal act by a nut is used by Media Matters and its progeny to tar and feather the entire Tea Party and conservative movements:

(h/t @JammieWF)

Update 1-8-2011 – This tweet takes on special significance in light of the crude attempts by left-wing bloggers to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriell Giffords by a mentally deranged shooter.

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What do you know, media matters said something I agree with…

Where's the "like" button?

You've got this all wrong. You need to step inside a liberal's head & allow time to hit the correct narrative (sometimes it takes several narratives to find one that can grow legs. Actually, this is the fault of the Tea Party, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, and conservatives in general.

I'll fix it – here's the liberal meme that's still developing (no one every said they are quick on the uptake):

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin pushed him over the edge with that blatant display of mass humanity in one place this past weekend. When he saw the ariel photographs, he "freaked" out and realized he needed to take action to save our environment.

Yes indeed . . . and I suppose these folks are mere law-breaking trespassers, and not self-aggrandizing leftist nut jobs, too?

Trochilus, that was a wonderful article. I've been laughing out loud since I read it. That the protesters are apparently completely unaware of the irony of the situation makes it even better.

To summarize: Activists object to the presence of a drilling rig located in a harsh environment. Activists travel to harsh environment to protest drilling rig's presence. Activists become overwhelmed by harsh environment and depend on the crew of drilling rig to save their sorry asses.

To bad the superintendent of rig couldn't simply tell the parasites to climb back down on to their rafts and paddle back to the Esperanza (which for the purposes of this 'beyond oil' campaign was no doubt running on green energy) the way they had come.


Precisely! And the rationalizing writer of the piece obviously had no sense that he was actually writing quite passable humor!

These jackasses fully epitomize the plight of the left . . . along with a quickly evaporating sense of purpose (if they ever had one), they display a willingness to engagement in unacceptably reckless and frequently self-destructive behavior, with no discernable sense of perspective about what is achievable to improve our human lot in the near future. As specifically revealed here, they frequently display a subconscious tendency to act out in a way that makes the point of those they so furiously rail against!

They firmly Professor Jacobson's point in this post — a dogged willingness to judge their own actions in a manner that is diametrically opposite to the way they insist on openly and repeatedly judging others . . . blatant intellectual inconsistency. Like the Goracle!

In other words, they are stupid.

To me, rescuing them was the best revenge. If only someone on board had thought to videotape those idiots as they came scrambling up on board, all wide-eyed and shivering, and no doubt quickly setting aside their little self-heating meals in favor of a hot cup of coffee! Heh!

I do hope they are all dunned for the cost of the helicopter ride that was necessary to fly them back to reality. At least very publicly charge them for the fuel that they were responsible for wasting!

"They firmly proved Professor Jacobson's point in this post –" (is what I meant to say).

Looks like people who went to school with him say he's a radical Lefty: