Spotted in Ithaca this morning.  Quite bold to put such a “Miss me yet?” sticker on your car in these parts of the country, and then to park it on a main road.

Can anyone figure out over what bumper sticker the “Miss me yet?” bumper sticker was pasted? 

The first to identify the original gets an all expense paid trip to Disney World paid for by Charlie Crist’s campaign fund:

Update:  The mystery solved, somewhat.  I received an e-mail from the anonymous car owner (who reads this blog), in part as follows:

I was wondering when you’d get around to my collection.

The covered up sticker is one for US Senate from another state. It was given to me as a joke by a son who might be a Democrat, since the candidate is…. I won’t go into more details about the sticker.

I was disappointed that the Miss Me Yet? sticker was so small.

To answer one of your commentators, the Inmate of the Month sticker came about because it seemed that I was always behind a green mini-van, never the same one, that had a sticker bragging that the owner was a proud parent (always singular in Ithaca) of an honor student at such and such school. Nothing wrong with having smart kids, but I wanted to make my own statement and when I saw what I thought was a clever hand made sign on a pickup near Raleigh/Durham NC I copied it, using Chattahoochie (I misspelled it, as Southern isn’t my native tongue) as the jail….

Happy blogging.

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