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Will He Follow This Advice?

Will He Follow This Advice?

From Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning pollster which is the new pollster for DailyKos:

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we on the right should constantly hammer this theme. The more we say "Obama should stay home" the more we can goad him into unforced errors.
Plenty of Dems will rise to the bait. Every GOP candidate that says "Obama should stay home" will force his opponent to ask for Obama's help or if they don't it just reinforces the idea that Obama is a failed leader.

Its not Obama that is toxic, its his policies so unless those change there is nothing his personal presence can do to help anyone.

Isn't his "home" in Kenya? I'm for that.

Thank you for that tasty tidbit this morning. I don't know if anyone except Michelle can tell this man anything.

He does what he wants and he wants to campaign. He appears to have a quite spoiled attitude in getting what he wants.

I get so tired of the political game playing, by both left and right; polls, sound bites, media and big business manipulators, I wish they'd all stay home.

Obama? follow advise he did not personally mint himself?


Remember the Dems who were nervous about getting re-elected if they voted for Obamacare? "What will we run on?" they asked.

Obama told them not to worry. "You'll have ME," he said.


""You'll have ME,"
But do the Kenyans know that they've got him?