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We Are In Really Deep Trouble

We Are In Really Deep Trouble

For the first time in my adult life, I am really worried.

“The leader of the free world can’t figure out how to get the umbrella on the other side.” (@RoseDanna)

(Photo and quote via Tammy Bruce)

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He could point it in the direction he wants to go, and RAM IT THROUGH. Worked before, didn't it?

Use stimulus money to have the fence and gate removed.

Isn't this how Mary Poppins got started?

Hasn't enough sense to come in outta the rain.

Oh my dear God. "Ask not for whom the bone bones, for it bones for YOU!"

What is truly astounding is that the political pros (?!) in the WH allowed this photo to be published.

Hysterically funny. I'm still laughing…….. (Hey, better laughing than crying.)

That gate is racist

This would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country if it was Bush.

The WH are showing he has the same difficulties as many who still support him. Dumb meets dumber.

Who ever designed that gate is racist!

Personally, I blame Bush… These past 15 months have stood the world on its posterior. I could go on with the allusions but who am I kidding? I am feeling more and more like Bob Dylan, because I am starting to have cartoon eyes. Everything looks strained like whirled peas….

Barry Poppins it is.

The gate can't be racist. It's black.

I bet Bush put the gate there.

He don't know how to operate no 'chinery.

That gate clearly acted stupidly.

Two things.

1. How inept would one have be to do what he appears to be doing? I'm surprised he can swing a golf club.

2. Has there ever been another human being with longer arms than Michelle?

Um…looks like he was being a gentleman, actually. He went right up to the edge of the gate so that his companion could go through without getting wet.

Please stop calling this guy "Barry." Those of us who legitimately have this name don't want it used. Besides, why is Barrack changed to Barry as a nickname?
Michelle also looks as if she is about to leap up and grab it over the top.

Is that THREE whole heat-pump condensers? Tsk tsk tsk… carbon footprint, efficiency and all that.

@legitimate Barry – using 'Barry' is more a reference to some (probably unverified) documents that show Obama being know by the name "Barry Soetoro" while living in Indonesia between 1965 and 1972 (approx) while his mother was married to Lolo Soetoro. This seven year period of his life in a predominately Muslim country (and with a Muslim stepfather) pretty disappeared down the memory hole.

Bitterly clinging to his umbrella…

But Keith Uberdork tells us he's the smartest man in the world … God help the planet!

um, to be fair, he appears to be tall enough that he could actually pass it over the thing, which maybe is what he was trying, in shmucky fashion.

syd B. said…
"1. How inept would one have be to do what he appears to be doing? I'm surprised he can swing a golf club."

Heheh. According to this, he can't swing a golf club either!

That's okay, he's doing his best to no longer be the leader of the free world; once that's achieved, we no longer need be embarrassed/surprised.

I really want to cut the guy a break somehow – I mean, this is *really* stupid looking – but for the life of me I can't think of a genuinely sensible reason for him doing this.

Too bad he left his halo at home in favor of the umbrella; the halo would have shielded him from the rain and passed through the metal gate unimpeded. Live and learn, Barry.

Swen said…
Heheh. According to this, he can't swing a golf club either!

Thanks for that link. Interesting video.

As for Obama's swing technique, as poor as it is, it is far better than Bloomberg's. He couldn't hit a ball through a Mosque window. Also, isn't it cute that Obama has a black caddie?

Michelle: America is a really mean country and so
are its umbrella makers.

Michelle: I told you not to get one of those
Uncle Tom umbrellas.

Michelle: You can make the oceans stop rising
but you can't operate a stupid

Michelle: This isn't the umbrella that we've
been waiting for.

Obama: No we can't.

Obama: The war on rain is lost.

Michelle: I'm melting, melting, ooh what a
world, to think that global warming
will put an end to my beautiful evil!

Liberals never want to answer questions and when they do open their mouth they usually stick their foot in it.

stonelight beat me to it!

SO many excellent comments!

Wish there was a close-up on Mrs.oBOWma's scowly scowl. (is Botox waterproof?)

Black umbrella + Black gate…


Actually looks like the unmbrella would fit through the opening. It is possible to put a round peg in a square hole if the square hole is big enough. This has to be a government building, that's the only explanation for building a fence with a gate where there is no gate. Sure does look purdy though. Notice how the frame for the non existent gate even extends half way across the sidewalk? Brilliant!